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Monday, 30 July 2012

Three Knitted Blankets arrive today and Challenge squares!

Good afternoon everyone!

Today I received a bumper delivery from the Postman. I received three blankets from Sally and a very special 'pink' one!  Yes you've guessed it our 2nd Think Pink blanket has arrived from Joanna here in the UK who has very kindly collected squares for the special Breast Cancer Care blanket and assembled them in to a most  gorgeous blanket but ......you will 'unfortunately' have to wait until tomorrow, sorry about that! I do want to write a special post and as I have a lot to show you today I have decided it's too much today to show you 'four' blankets!

I really want to concentrate on the Knitted ones I have received back from Sally. Sally very kindly offered to make up some Knitted squares for me, so along with Joyce they are helping me get through my Stash here.  These squares have arrived from Caroline in Belgium and mainly two Craft Groups here in the UK. Sally has made a wonderful job of all the blankets by assembling the squares so well and also adding great borders on all three blankets.

Let's take a look at them now.

First we have 'Daydreamer'.

Thanks to the Craft Groups in the UK for sending in these Knitted squares and to Sally A for assembling this gorgeous blanket.

Secondly we have 'Sweet Dreams'


Thirdly we have 'On a Cloud'

Assembled by Sally and the squares were from two Craft Groups here in the UK.

Such beautiful squares thanks to everyone that sent them in and also to Sally who very kindly is giving me a hand make them up. I'm sure you will agree they have come out beautifully!  Let's take a look at the Slide Show now. Sit back and enjoy!

Created with flickr slideshow.
Tomorrow I will be showcasing the special 'Think Pink' blanket. This will be auctioned on EBAY to raise money for 'Breast Cancer Care'.
So please stop by!!
It's absolutely gorgeous ..........
The 'SIBOL' Blog moves along very quickly indeed because whenever any new squares come in or there are any new blankets to show you I post them on here. The reason for that is because quite simply I have to keep up to date with it all.  So please......take the time to go back posts and see what's been happening.
Yesterday I showcased 'Camouflage' and 'Black Magic' and I wouldn't want you to miss them!
I am in the process of de-cluttering upstairs. I have a mountain of magazines and old pattern books that I have decided to try and sell. The reason being I'm running out of room and I seriously need to sort myself out up there. Rather than throw them away I am selling them at low prices to raise money for my 'SIBOL' project. There are lots of hidden costs in my 'SIBOL' project as you will appreciate with  stationery, ribbons, yarn, petrol, Ebay fees etc., and all the proceeds will be going towards that.
If you are interested please pop over to RAVELRY.
I think that's about all for today. I'm off to buy some pink ribbon now!
x Sue x
Well I did sign off for the day but I'M BACK!
I had a lunchtime post today and I'm very happy to be showing you some Challenge squares that have arrived from 'Happy Spice' Tina here in the UK.
Talking about 'Think Pink' Tina has just sent me some 'Think Pink' squares for our next blanket and they are beautiful. Fiona will be making the next Think Pink blanket so I will send these squares on to her after her holidays. 
We will soon be doing another 'Think Pink' blanket. Tina sent some squares today!
Tina also sent me a really pretty 200th square with a tiny Daffodil set on a green and cream background. It really is so delicate looking I love it. Of course it's very special to me because my Grandmother loved Daffodils. I remember as I looked out from her window I would see loads and loads of Daffodils planted amongst the grass and my Mother would also buy her Daffodils, so yes I love this square Tina. Thank you very much. It will be very interesting to see the finished blanket gathering inspiration from my Grandmother.
200th Square 'Grandmother as inspiration'.
Two other squares for our Heart Challenge. These are really lovely too, set on a simple white background these red Hearts really stand out. Thank you so much!
'One Heart From Around The World' Challenge.
Our 'Irish Rose' Challenge became very popular too and I'm extremely happy to be showing you this square from Tina.
'Irish Rose' Challenge.
Made in wonderful colours actually my favourite pink and green combinations. Such a pretty design thank you very much!
A really pretty selection of squares Tina thank you for taking part. I am off to do a count now and I shall be updating over on RAVELRY. So if you want to take part please do.
Tina 'Happy Spice' (UK) Your Squares arrived today! Thank you!
 Well I've just been out to buy the ribbon for Joanna's 'Think Pink' blanket so tomorrow I will show you so please stop by!
Thank you for visiting,
x Sue x

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