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Monday, 2 July 2012

I have got lots to show you today! Debi your Wiggles!

                                                      'FLYING THE FLAG' EBAY.
Hello everyone!

This post has taken me a long time to put together because I have a lot to show you. The most amazing blankets!

Where shall we start?

Well before we go any further, our 'Flying The Flag' blanket is on EBAY. All proceeds from this blanket will go to Alzheimer's here in the UK. Why not pop over? Thank you. Please link this blanket on your Blogs, Facebook pages etc., 'Spread the word if you can!' thank you.

It is not very often that I meet one of my SIBOLETTES, but Anne lives quite near to me and on Friday she came round with her Husband to bring me a blanket that she had assembled for me. She was kind enough to 'take a bag' of 25 squares and put them together into a beautiful blanket. When she arrived I took her in to the conservatory where I showed her quite a few of the Knitted and Crocheted blankets that I have here ready for the homes. Tears came to her eyes as soon as she saw them. What touched her most was the kindness of many Ladies who had taken the time and trouble to make their own blankets for my project. I also showed her the 'Going For Gold' which they both loved.

It was really nice to actually speak 'face to face' with one of my virtual friends and I'm only sorry I never asked her Hubby to take a photo of us for the blog.  The blanket that she made up for me was really so pretty and I would like to thank everyone for the squares that they sent for this blanket. Let's take a look at it now.

Thanks to everyone that contributed squares for this blanket.

Thank you Anne.

The next blanket I have to show you is from Jennifer. Jennifer kindly offered to make up another bag of squares and once again we have another stunning blanket!  Jennifer has called this one 'Sunset at the seaside'.

Thanks to Jennifer who kindly assembled this blanket. Thanks to everyone who contributed squares for this gorgeous blanket.

 In Jennifer's letter she wrote, "I loved the colours and textures, and planned it so the one knitted square sits bottom right. It reminded me of my childhood - lovely days on the beach - and as the sun begins to set and the tide goes out, you get lots of rock pools with seaweed,  and the sunset reflected off the water like a golden path. The edging is a version of number 52 from the 'Round the corner' book, and I tried to represent the ripple of wavelets as the tide comes back in. The lovely variegated yarn is James C Brett BABY Marble which I spotted in HAB - A - DASH in Tardebigge. I bought it with SIBOL in mind."

Well Jennifer I think the variegated yarn really finishes it off nicely. Thank you for going to so much trouble for our Group. I think you have got the border just right it definitely looks like ripples of wavelets! It's simply gorgeous thank you so much for making these 25 squares up for me.

Now sometime ago I set a 'Wiggles Challenge'. Debi in the States very kindly sent me the 'Wiggles Square' pattern and I invited you to make the square and send it in to me. If you would like the pattern please go to SIBOL - The Archive blog where I have left details for you.

The Wiggles' squares that came in were just so pretty and now I would like to thank everyone for taking part. It really has come out so lovely. I had great fun assembling this blanket.

Our 'Wiggles' Challenge. Do you like it? I think so! I love these squares thanks to Debi (USA) for submitting the square pattern for Wiggles. Thanks everyone for taking part!

Thank you so much Debi for allowing us the pattern, I'm sure you will agree we've had some fantastic squares, the  Challenge certainly was very popular.

As  you know I do have a 'SQUARE STOP' on at the moment until January 2013. I am working hard at the moment along with some of the other SIBOLETTES over on RAVELRY making the bags of squares up and I would like to thank them for helping me. I have 37 bags of squares here to be made up. I am determined to get these made up before the end of the year. Then we can start fresh with our Challenges.

However, today I had around 100 squares come in from Mari and her Craft Group in Inverness. Even though we have a stop on, I shall be accepting them. Mari was telling me that she has a Lady in her Group who is over 80 making squares for our Group, she says, "One of our Lady's is over 80 and she knitted most of these she said she feels good that she could do something useful again!'.

Those words mean such a lot to me, because not only are we working hard for our Nursing homes, but our Group is also important to the individual. I have had quite a few 'more mature' Ladies shall we say joining our Group and they tell me that they wish they had joined us before as it gives them so much pleasure and they feel as though they are doing something really worthwhile!'. Of course the friendship is really important too why not join us on RAVELRY?

Mari (Inverness) & her craft group. Thank you!

Thank you Mari and to all the Ladies in her Craft Group for these squares.

What's next? I'm working through my loading up today over on Flickr. 

sistersestina (RAV) thank you very much for the Jan Eaton squares I needed for the Challenge. Butterflies were gorgeous and the stash squares too that you sent.

Thanks for helping me out with the Challenge, it's very  much appreciated.

Sara (sistersestina) (RAV) Thank you!

I would like to show you now a very pretty pastel coloured blanket that 'jean nock' has very kindly made up. She also accepted a 'take a bag' and this blanket too has worked out really good. I love pastels.  The squares match beautifully together.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed squares for this blanket.

A few of the squares were smaller than 6". It is quite important that the squares are as near as 6" as you can possibly get them. It is so much easier to make them up. Do you like it? I love it. Thank you 'jean nock' for giving me a hand.

I had a bumper delivery today, I looked out in to the porch and the parcels were stacked up on top of each other. To my surprise I had a parcel from Kianie (RAV) Ann.  Inside was a gorgeous blanket which she had made herself. I had no idea she had been making this since February time. As well as the pretty blanket she also enclosed a card which had a Butterfly on the front.

Ann had very kindly made some Butterflies too and attached to the blanket. I think this blanket has wonderful Spring colours, it is so delicate I just love it. It is called 'Lazy Daisy Days'. Thank you so much for making this blanket 'quietly' and donating it to SIBOL. I am truly grateful to you. You are terribly kind and I'm sure the Residents are going to love this one too.

This Blanket was made and donated by Ann (Kiannie RAV). Thank you so much for your kindness. It's gorgeous.

We are fast approaching our 200th SIBOL! Our SIBOLETTES are making squares for a special 200th blanket. When I asked if they had any special thoughts on what we could do to celebrate, Craftymizz came up with the idea of making a blanket inspired by my Grandmother. As you know my SIBOL project was started in her Memory. If you are interested in taking part please pop over to the RAVELRY thread and put your name down. I wrote down her favourite flowers and things she liked and the Ladies are busy with their squares now.

Today I took part in a telephone interview with one of the freelance editors on Knit Today magazine. My interview will be in Issue 77 of Knit Today. She wanted to know all about our SIBOL project and I gave her as many photos and information as I could.

I hope you like everything you have read and seen on our SIBOL Blog today. I certainly had a lot to show you and I'm only sorry I couldn't share some of these blankets over the weekend, but I have been busy with my family.

As you can see it's been all go on the SIBOL front. Thank you to everyone that has helped me make the blankets up whether they be 'take a bag' squares or in Kianie's case her own donated blanket. Of course my thanks to sistersestina and Mari's Craft group too.

As I have a lot of new work to show you I hope you dont mind I have put them all in to one Slide Show. Sit back now with a cup of tea and I hope you find something that will inspire you to have a go yourself!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Have a lovely evening everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget EBAY!!!
Please spread the word.

x Sue x


  1. This is awesome,the wiggles blanket it is also wonderful.The white blanket with the white flower and yellow in the center is so adorable,love it to.You have done a great job.Mrs.Debi has beautiful square patterns.Love her blog too.
    Everything is looking great.....have a wonderful week.


  3. Once again Sue, everything is just beautiful. You always amaze me with all the work you do. And kudos to the ladies that are helping you by putting some blankets together. Great work everyone.

    The wiggles blanket came out great - I love it - and thanks to all the ladies out there that crocheted the wiggles squares. :)

  4. I love the wiggles blanket absolutely gorgeous

  5. All of the blankets look so gorgeous! I think the pastel one has to be my favourite. All the colours and designs just go so well together. Everyone did such an amazing job.