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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Think Pink blanket raising money for Breast Cancer Care.

Good morning everyone!

Ta - Dah! SIBOL 219 'Think Pink' (2).

As you know 'SIBOL' is an on-line Crocheting and Knitting group based here in the UK. Throughout the year with the help of my on-line friends we make 'Sunshine blankets' for the Elderly.  These are given out to Elderly people in Nursing homes and sheltered accommodation.

Apart from this work we also make 'Charity blankets' raising money for various charities. We have made blankets for Alzheimer's, Mencap, Prince William & Kate Middleton's Charity Gift Fund and Breast Cancer Care. 

As you know we have already raised £102.00 for Breast Cancer Care here in the UK with our very first 'Think Pink' blanket which was assembled by Lotti here in the UK.

'Think Pink' Blanket for 'Breast Cancer Care'.

Well I'm very pleased to be telling you that Joanna one of our 'SIBOLETTES' has been collecting squares from all over the World  for our 2nd 'Think Pink' blanket and yesterday I received the finished blanket in the post.  I'm sorry I have kept you waiting but I did want to make a special feature of her blanket.

The squares came in from the UK, USA, Holland, Scotland and Belgium and I am very grateful to everyone that took part.  Joanna was very nervous at first at the thought of making such a special blanket but I'm sure you will agree she has made a  fantastic job of assembling the squares and making such a wonderful border too.

Let's take a look at the blanket now.

Thanks to Ladies all over the World for helping to make this blanket.

Isn't it wonderful?  Joanna went to a lot of trouble making a  laminated card too with the names and countries of the Ladies who took part in this special Challenge

This blanket has been made to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Assembled by Joanna.

Such pretty Butterflies too adorn this gorgeous blanket.

Individual squares have been made by Ladies all over the World and I am truly grateful to everyone that sent the squares in to her.

As you can see the squares have been amazing!

A beautiful border too made by Joanna.

The shades of pink are superb!

We are doing a 3rd 'Think Pink' very soon!

Thanks to everyone that took part in this wonderful Charity blanket.

Such a pretty border too Joanna, I am so happy that this blanket has turned out so well. I know that this blanket has meant a lot to you personally too and I really would like to thank you on behalf of our Group for making such a wonderful blanket.

The question was when to auction it, we have decided to wait until October 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month'. which we think is better than right now. A lot of people are away on holiday and have the children at home and we really want to get as many people bidding as we can.

So I do hope that nearer the time everyone will write about our special blanket on their Blogs, Facebook pages or whatever.  Let's see if between us we can raise more than what we did for the first one which was £102.00.

This truly is another remarkable 'SIBOL' blanket and between us we are working so hard for our Elderly folk but we are also raising money for various charities and so far we have raised in total  £1,559.00 as a Group. So thanks to everyone involved.

A special thanks to Joanna x

x Sue x


  1. I love this one - it's so pretty. Joanna did a great job putting it together. :)

  2. It is a beautiful blanket, oerfectly put together by Joanna. I hope it attracts lots of bids when it comes up for auction.
    Csrol xx