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Friday, 7 May 2010

6 squares in pink & blue !

Hello everybody,

Sue invited me to write blogpost, probably because I crocheted a few blocks for the SIBOL-project ...

I am Isolde, just one day away from turning 38, married with 2 girls (8 & almost 4 years old).
My mother learned me how to crochet some 30 years ago. Almost a year ago I started crocheting again. For me it is a way to relax and set my mind free from 'worries' related to work, kids, etc. And hey, the results are quite nice too. I make amigurimi, blankets, bags ... all in happy bright colours.

For SIBOL I used pink and blue from my stash. A bit girly, I know, but I am a girl and have 2 daughters. Maybe that counts for an excuse ...
I just made squares, didn't join a challenge. I like challenges though, but in my free time I'm not so good at deadlines ;-)

I liked to try out some new patterns, now I also had a goal. I used two Jan Eaton books:
• 200 crochet block (1)
• 200 stitches for babyblankets (2)

And here they are:

Clockwise, starting upper left:
• wisteria (1)
• granny square (I just love making granny squares)
• four patch granny (1)
• a simple solid square (also used for for example the babette blanket)

And the other two:

left: harvest moon (2)
and right: warm red (only in different colors, 2)

Hope you like them.
And I am sure that Sue will find a perfect combination with other squares, despite of the girly choice of colors.


  1. Great job, sweetie... I actually like the blue and pink together. Very fun patterns. But, most important. I don't see your blog address. We all just love to follow our fellow SIBOL friends.


  2. Oh! Maybe they are a bit girly but that is okay becuase they are absolutely adorable! I really like the Harvest Moon square!

  3. Hello Isolde,
    So pleased to read your post. Welcome to SIBOL! I'm so pleased you decided to 'team blog' with us. It's great fun, we are a nice little bunch on here.
    Your squares are so..pretty. I love girly colours and yes I'll be able to find a nice place for them. What fun!
    I really enjoyed reading your post, I do hope others will pluck up the courage and team blog with us!
    If you dont want to send squares you are still welcome to 'team blog' with us. Give us your thoughts about SIBOL and squares you see! Thats half the fun!
    Email me sueatpigsty@talktalk.net and I will send you an invitation!
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Isolde!
    Love Suex

    Hi Crafy Witch! Pleased to meet you!

  4. Thank you for the sweet reactions.
    I forgot my blog-address indeed, it is:
    www.everydaylife-isolde.blogspot.com. Be welcome to visit it!!

  5. Happy Birthday Isolde:) I think your squares are lovely and girly and pink pairs so well with blue. It appears that I really must check out those Jan Eaton books. The squares will look great in a blanket that Sue will so artfully put together. Thanks too for guest blogging - that is fun too. Enjoy a wonderful day on your birthday!!!!!

  6. Hi Isolde, love your squares they are so pretty. Really like the Harvest Moon
    And a HUGE welcome to SIBOL - off to check out your blog