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Monday, 17 May 2010

Flickr Fun!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for visiting 'SIBOL' today!  May I say hello to all our new Followers! It's always nice to welcome new friends.

 I also wanted to say thanks to Elke and Sally 'Chunky Hooker' for the most beautiful Flower Squares  received over the last few days, they are all so lovely.

May I just remind you that not only do we have the 'SIBOL' blog here, but we also have a list of links over to the right. The names listed are our 'team bloggers'.  Please click on their names and visit their beautiful blogs. Each one so different, but all as good as each other! I'm sure you will enjoy them.

I want to talk about Flickr photos.  That's the way I got into blogging. I first of all put my photos on to Flickr in May last year.  Since then I haven't looked back because I have met so many wonderful Friends on there, it's such great fun. We all have something in common too, whether it's Crocheting or Knitting or whatever you choose.

Flickr photos plays a very important part in our Crafting Community.  Flickr  is the best way to store, sort, search and share your photos online.  Flickr helps you organize the huge mass of photos you have and offers a way for you and your friends and family to tell stories about them.  The best way to learn about Flickr is to upload some photos.  You can edit them, organize, keep your photos private or go public on them. Add contacts, or make those contacts Friends.  You can  'add notes'  to photos. For example this is the latest Blanket of mine. Now if you click on the photo it will take you to  another photo.  Now can you see all the little 'add notes!'.  I asked each one of my SIBOL Contributors to 'add note' to their Square.  Now why I'm bringing this to your attention is  because very often while meeting new Friends to SIBOL, I find out that they don't have photos on Flickr because they've never heard about it.  So today I thought I would tell you about it.

This is my 2nd 'sun' theme Blanket. After this one the 'sun' themed Blankets are going to be 'colour grouped'. Please 'add note' if you see your Square.

Flickr also has lots of Groups, whether it's for Crocheting, Knitting, or whatever you choose to put in on the search. We have a SIBOL Group.  Blankets for the Elderly 2010.

Flickr is wicked, it's such fun! Please check it out and let me know what you think of it. I always give you the link when I receive your Squares because Flickr is the place where I first of all put your Squares. From this I can go on to putting them into the SIBOL Blog or even put them into sets on Flickr and then make them into Slide Shows for you. I wouldn't want you to miss out so have a go!

Then of course a step up from that is Big Huge Labs.  This is a great site where you can make mosaics which you can then load up to Flickr. Also you can test yourself on whether you can instantly recognize your contacts photos, make Scout posters (these are posters made up of photos which have hit Explore on Flickr)  and lots more fun things to do.  You can even install DNA widgets etc., on to blogs.  Lots of people don't know about it  so why not have a look.

Anyway, it's 2.15am very early Monday morning.  I'm off to bed now. Have a good day everyone,

~~~ Sue ~~~


  1. Everuthing is looking perfect.Lots of colors,love and effort to see now the results.Thanks Mrs.Sue , Great Job.

  2. Hi Sue,
    Great post about Flickr. I joined not too long ago and I really like Flickr. I'm still learning my way about it. I know you are very busy but I just notice I'm not listed as a "contributor" on your sidebar. Well, that is I'm assuming if we donated granny squares we are a contributor...if not, don't pay any attention to me. I'm a bad girl today - it's 10 pm and I haven't had a chance to crochet at all today. Just too much to do with our trip coming up at the end of this week. We had a beautiful sunny warm day here with no humidity. It was lovely. Have a nice day!

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  4. Great post Sue!
    I love the possibilities of Flickr. It's fun!
    I just put a collage on it, "here I am", for Bethel.
    Hope there will be more faces to put in a gallery!
    ~x~ Karin

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  6. I have sent Sandy Teacup Lane an invitation to team blog with us. If anyone has a blog and they would like to team blog please email me. I have to send you an invitation.
    Love to have you on board.
    I have written about the History of SIBOL over on Mrs Twins www.suesfavouritethings.blogspot.com Couple of days ago and listed the Ladies who have sent me Squares.
    Thank you Suex