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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

'The Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!' or is it? 'Fun in the Sun' - named by Azbelle (Sandy). Thank you!

Hello Everyone,

Well I'm back with you now after a short break with my family.  I hope to catch up with my blogs as soon as I can, but I've been finishing the first 'sun' themed Blanket. 

Karin first of all suggested this Challenge to make 'The Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!'. I would like to thank everyone on behalf of team members of 'SIBOL' for all the 'sun' themed Squares that I have received into my home in the UK, from all around the World.  You certainly do enjoy a Challenge!

Now I have to say I have enough Squares for another 4 Blankets remember 25 in each! So there is quite a few. So you are viewing the first of 5. So when all five are done you can then decide which is the one that has the grand title of 'The Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!'.  I would however like to name individually all the Blankets as they are made.  So ideas are most welcome. I know a lot of you have sent in more than one square. What I'm trying to do with the first couple of blankets is to put 'one square' in from each person, so everyone gets to go in the first two. Then the other three Blankets are more 'colour grouped!' if you know what I mean. They are still going to be 'bright'. Maybe in some of the others you'll have more than one square in that belongs to you. Some of the Squares of course won't go in because I feel that they are for the other Challenges. Hope this is okay with everyone!  But please be assured that I will be using each and everyone of the Squares for Blankets for the Elderly.

Now remember 'Flower' theme is next. So your Flower Squares are most welcome. I am still waiting Bethels' Squares. I will leave room for you Bethel so please don't worry.

Remember, you don't have to take part in the 'themed' Blanket ideas.  You can just send in any 6" Square, all Squares are most welcome.

I have put a link up to Rachels Crochet Spot News in which 'SIBOL' was featured and I'm really pleased to tell you all that she has now put 'SIBOL' in her permanent Charity feature.  So hopefully we will be getting some more responses!

So please view the Slide Show now, and many thanks everyone!

Late at night all my friends came into the Kitchen with me! Click on your Square Ladies and 'add note!' Thanks

Please Mr. Twin! Would you mind?>

Have a good evening everyone and thank you!

~~~ Sue ~~~


  1. My name suggestion for this one is "Fun in the Sun" :)

  2. The blanket is really bright and sunny,Sue. I like how the colours look when you took the photos outside.

  3. I tell you Sue, this blanket it too good to be donated - it should be hanging in Tate Modern!! It reminds me of Pop Art, 60's Flower Power, just trying to sum it all up in a name!! Swinging Sixties **Kim**x

  4. Bright Colors .....I love it ....this is so cute .....It looks like a happy face .Congratulations.

  5. 'Fun in the Sun!' - named by Azbelle (Sandy). Thank you!

  6. So, just what color of ORANGE do they call they. Neon Tangerine... WOW... Sunnie, that's for sure.

    Here's an idea? We want a picture of the postman. I mean he comes everyday, right.

    So, what's #10?

    I know I need to work on those flowers. I can't just do my plain old grannies on this one.


  7. Wonderful blanket Sue. It is really does make me think of "fun in the sun". All of those bright colors simply resonate sunshine. Thanks to you and all of the lovely people who made the squares someone will really enjoy this blanket with happy sunny smiles ;)

  8. Wonderful!!

  9. Pilar (pertinitaco)5 May 2010 at 08:18

    Fun in the sun, what a great name! You know, I can't wait to see the faces of the people when you give them the blankets, sure they will be smiling for a while!
    Hugs Pilar

  10. "Fun in the Sun"
    Great name for a great blanket.

  11. All is beautiful !!! Kiss from France Cathy

  12. Oh I am so excited you used my name choice! It was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it.... all the neat squares were so bright and sunny just made me think of a fun day out enjoying the sunshine. This will really make someone smile!