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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Our SIBOL Squares travel such a long way. / Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 11

Hi Everyone!

I made a map today of the World and plotted where my SIBOL Contributors live....... (as well as the map allows me!).
Those lovely little 6" Squares travel such a long way to the UK They are pretty tired when they arrive,

Where were my SIBOL Squares made?
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com


I give them a lot of love when they arrive!

2009 was a very special year for me. In April/May time I joined Flickr and in September I made my first blog. Kate, The Garden Bell had just started hers and if I remember correctly she was saying to me 'Why not start one?' What would I ever write about? Well my 'Mindless Ramblings' soon took over and so did my Crocheting. Project after Project, Ripple after Ripple......the crocheting went on and on....... Christmas was a lovely time making those gorgeous gold Butterflies and Birdies. But I soon came to realise that there is only so much you can crochet for either yourself, your family or your home. 'Mrs Twins' was so much fun.

I had been thinking about making Blankets for the Elderly in Memory of my Grandmother and as it was before Christmas I thought I would leave it until the New Year. This I did. At the start of January I asked my friends in Blogland and on Flickr if they wanted to help me by donating 6" Squares. Well I was surprised that my friends thought it was a good idea and soon after the Squares started coming in. Soon after I set up 'SIBOL' my 'spin-off blog'. Even the name was a joint effort!

Molly was the first person to send me some Squares then
I sent myself Squares..... then
Amy Woo
Pilar Pertinitaco
Linda -
Susanna -
Elizabeth Cat
Louise - Handmade in Gibraltar
Maytaurus (MSE)
Ed 4448
Bienzfive Maria
Tricia Marino
Helen -
Debi - Hooks and Yarn
Mrs Moneypenney (MSE)
Patty Gloria
Sandy - Teacuplane Sandy
Ellen -
Vers Cyther
Posy Linda
Azbelle Sandy
Anne (MSE)
Val - Crochet3love
Pol (MSE)
Lili 4g
Ruth Marie
Sally 'chunkyhooker'

Please forgive me if I have left anyone out! (Please tell me).

All these friends in 12 countries Canada, Puerto Rico, USA, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, France, Australia, Latvia, Gibraltar, Singapore
Have sent me Squares across the miles to help me make Blankets for the Elderly.
I have now made with your help 11 'SIBOL' Blankets. 11 x 25 Squares in each = 275.
I have just counted the Squares up as promised weeks ago. To my amazement I have 459
So in total I have now received 'since January' 734!
Thank you all so much.
So I have enough for plenty more Blankets.
Now you might think that sounds frightening, 'what a lot of work', but it doesn't take me all that long and to be honest there isn't anything else I would rather be doing so I'm going to plod along at my own pace enjoying the ride so to speak.

I have to thank my friends in the USA, you are in the lead sending Squares in, then followed by UK. But I shall have to get the figures for that one for you.

Over the last few days I have had some remarkable emails from Ladies who visit SIBOL. I'm just 'amazed!'. Their comments are very much appreciated.
They enjoy looking at the different Squares and they do enjoy the music too (I always wonder whether you hear it okay). I wanted to find some relaxing music while visiting SIBOL and I've had a few people asking what the music is. If you scroll right down to the bottom of SIBOL you will see the music list.

I can't thank you all enough for your support. Many thanks.

Please do keep sending your Squares, I enjoy making the Blankets and we are having a wicked time on SIBOL. If anyone wants to 'team blog' with us you are most welcome!

Here's SIBOL No. 11 -  'Sun theme No. 3' 
If you don't see your sun square please keep looking there are still some 'sun theme' Blankets to put together! They are colour co-ordinated now so they will be going by the colours.

SIBOL No. 11 'Sun theme Blanket' No.3.

Here I am! Wearing Bethels' sunglasses!!..............>

I have now made 11 Sunshine Blankets of Love for the Elderly. These 3 are made from Squares sent in for our 'Sun Challenge'. If you don't see your Square it will be coming up very soon in the next 'Sun Blankets' there are still more to come ! :)

I hope you have all had a good weekend. The weather has been beautiful in the UK.

Have a nice evening!


~~~ Sue ~~~


  1. Another gorgeous blanket Sue! Well done everyone who's contributed so far. xxx

  2. How nice that you could finish another sun blanket.
    You really got a lot of squares. I am looking forward to seeing more blankets :-).
    Weather has been very changeable here: rain,sun,hail,...

  3. I had a wonderful weekend, finished my poncho, there was sun, and our daughters and their boyfriends came for an improvised dinner. We had so much fun!
    I really love this new blanket. Sue, I'm impressed.
    At this moment I'm in the blue/white mood....
    ~X~ Karin

  4. Thanks So much ladies! very nice of you
    Hugs to you Suex

  5. Isn't this a fun map. Love it.

    See I told you....now, you seem to never be at a loss for words....

    Off to see No. 11 and

    of course I better get hooking, I'm down to the deadline again this month...icks...