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Monday, 4 October 2010

OOh....I do like to be beside the Sea Side! Introducing SIBOL No. 32. 'Sea/Seaside' Challenge.

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for all your comments on the previous two posts!

I'm really happy to be showing you SIBOL No. 32!  On Saturday morning I started edging 25 Squares. The ones I had waiting in a pile for the 'Sea/Seaside' Challenge.  Such pretty little Squares all with something wonderful in common.  'The Sea or the Seaside!'..  Well I asked you to use your imagination and once again
you all never fail me. The Squares that came in were 'few' compared to other Challenges, but it was actually nice for a change.  I needed something quick to do after the '7' Blue and White Blankets.

 I have to say at this point I should have really done the 'Strawberry and Cream' Challenge. But as it was getting near Bonfire Night November 5th I thought I would sort those two piles out. But then after careful consideration I thought no I only have one pile of Sea/Seaside Squares, let's do that one first.  So as I was saying...... on Saturday morning I started edging them. Just a couple of rows of double crochet, getting them all the same size. I think there were a couple that needed 'extra padding'. ha.ha.  Then by Sunday evening the Blanket was finished 'dun and dusted' you might say.  I've had the family here and even Little Miss Twins boyfriend has passed a comment or two!  I had to laugh when I found a little sticker on the back of his shoe. My stickers get everywhere!

What fun I've had once again putting your Squares together.  This is the 32nd Blanket with 25 Squares in each. Anyone good at Maths? Have you got your Calculator handy?  I'll do it for you 32 x 25 = 800 Squares. Only 200 more for the big Ta - Dah!

Are you sitting comfortably?  Here goes.......

What a variety of Squares Ladies! Thank You!

Yes ATheeC it does take you back to the summer days doesn't it? When we were all warm and enjoying the sun shine. 

I can't thank you all enough for the most wonderful Sea Challenge Squares. I've just had such a wicked time putting these together. I do hope you like the Blanket. Thank you all so.....much I've just had so much fun!

Thanks for coming to the Seaside today with me......x


  1. Wow ! Mrs . Sue this is so gorgeous,I love it .....wow . I love it....Lovely blanket.Oh my Gosh......beautiful.

  2. sPEEchLess well and truely magnificent, i've enjoyed my trip to the seaside with you :) xx

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I really love this one. Great job Sue and everyone who contributed a lovely Sea Side square!

  4. This blanket is so lovely.I can see my little fish swimming in the sea :-).
    I am happy to being part of this blanket.

  5. I absolutely love this seaside one!!! Infact, I want it!!! Thank you for sharing x

  6. Wow! This is one of my all time favorites. As you say, so much imagination in this challenge. Fantastic!

  7. Beautiful! Really nice colours: sand, sea and sun.
    Great combo and great work Sue!

  8. Dear Sue,
    I just love this seaside blanket! It is so sunny and crisp and fresh ... Beautiful!

    And oh me, oh my, what did I start up this weekend. Hope no one got me wrong, indeed what you said Sue, it was brainstorming and imagining ...
    One final remark (for now) about the hexagons: I don't know whether I am able to compare to the production of Mrs. Twins, actually, I can't. But, when there are enough sibolettes interested, I might try for one challenge blanket(and what I try, I finish, promised). So, if you are really interested in a hexagon SIBOL for Sues project, let me know what you can do ... so I can decide together with Sue what to do.

    Sue, this is a wonderful blanket, did I already mention that ;-) ?

  9. Hi Isolde,
    Please dont worry. There is no problem at all.
    As I say, I am always open to ideas and if others are interested there is nothing stopping you.
    Thanks ever so much for your kind comments.
    I love this Blanket too!
    It makes me want to do the 'Young At Heart' one even more now. I just love these picture blankets. I just think they could be so interestng.
    Hugs and many thanks

  10. That is a really spectacular blanket.

  11. Thank you for all the lovely comments!
    Hugs Suex

  12. I love this blanket, so full of fun and imagination, joie de vivre!

  13. Sue, just catching up, what another lovely blanket, this one looks like it could hang on a wall somewhere its so interesting. So glad you are having such a ball with this, very well done.!xx