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Monday, 4 October 2010

A reply to Isoldes post.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on Isoldes post.

I have to be honest here with you.

The Hexagon Blanket sounds a really nice idea  .But at the present time I am quite busy with the squares. I have'nt really got the time for hexagons. Although I ask for 6" squares sometimes I get 4" sometimes I get 8". So you see I have a lot of sorting out, and building up to the correct size etc., so thats why I cant really afford the time for Hexagons.

If Isolde wants to accept Hexagons herself. I have no problem with that.

The other thing is the Childrens Blanket.
I did put a notice up on SIBOL a while back.

Someone told me on Flickr that Hospitals etc., would not accept Childrens Blankets in the UK. This was after I had already received a few squares. I made enquiries at Childrens Hospitals and Hospices and yes the lady was right, they would not accept them. This is due to the strict  Infection Control Regulations we have here in the UK. Very disappointing.

The only way round this was to have the Blanket raffled or auctioneed for these places. But I didn't really want to go down this route. So I think it was dear Luna suggested that we make a 'Young at Heart' Blanket for the Elderly. So next year I will use the Squares for this idea.

I'm very sorry if you missed my notice. I did ask the Ladies who had sent me the Childrens squares if they wanted them back or 'what did they want me to do with them'. They said I should keep them.

So this is what I will do. A 'Young at Heart' Blanket will be made next year with the Childrens Squares already received.

So....unfortunately I cannot accept Isoldes beautiful little Zouzitas! I have already explained to Isolde in a private mail my reasons.

I have to be practical in knowing what I can and I can't do on SIBOL. I hope everyone understands.

But saying this 'I am always opens to suggestions on SIBOL. If anyone has ideas please throw them at me'. It's your Crocheting and Knitting Group as well as mine!

Love to you and thank you for everyone who has commented on Isoldes  post and thank you dear Isolde for your 'fantastic' imagination!

4 October 2010 01:27  (I'm late going to bed!)


  1. Oooh dear Sue i really do wish i lived closer now :( i know the last set i rushed out had a couple that needed blocking to obtain the perfect 6" and i really should have taken a day back and done that so i'll be the first to apopogise on that score (feeling terribly guilty you do have more than enough to do without having to block them etc)my trusty ruler will be out in future i promise xxxx

  2. My squares are on their way now, but...
    I promise I will send them perfect next time! Honest!

  3. OOh goodness now I've come across wrong! I think.

    I'm not moaning at all about the squares please dont think that! I'm just saying I can't really take on 'any other shape'. Whether they be a little smaller or larger there is a way round it, honestly. It doesn't take me long.
    For instance I've just finished the 'sea challenge' blanket. Only one of these and I started Saturday morning and finished Sunday evening. I just have the butterflies to make. So please.....dont' get feeling quilty now! Your squares ARE OKAY! Honestly.
    I was just trying to say that I've got enough work with the squares and that hexagons well I've never been near them! So a bit panicky too! to be honest. I wouldn't know where to start with them. Me personally I'm a 'square lady'. I hope you understand please dont think there is anything wrong with your squares Amanda and Merchy. There isn't!!!
    Please dont worry about blocking either. Thats no problem! Honestly honestly.
    It's just now I want to be concentrating on the squares. As I say if Isolde wants to get you to send her hexagons thats fine with me.
    It's just that I got slightly panicky thinking of hexagons!!!
    Love Suex

  4. Perfectly understandable Sue. I can imagine that your little fingers are producing smoke at the speed you're working at the moment to get the blankets together XD It would be a shame if things started to become a burden to you. Keep it simple. 8) x

  5. Ok Sue, I understood perfectly! I only meant you have too much work with the blankets, and I'll try to send them the best fitted I can for you next time, so you can save time and effort.
    Please do not think I am offended or so, I think I didn't take you wrong, and I guess Amanda didn't either.
    It's ok!
    I understand, hexagons are a bit too much for you at the moment (even for me, never made an hexagon project...wouldn't be able event to start it without help!)
    Anyway, sooooo... We are willing to see that Sea Blanket! It must have come up georgeous, the same as others too!
    ;-) xxx

  6. Well said my friend. I don't know just how you do what you do.

  7. Thank you all for commenting. Glad things are sorted!

  8. Thankyou Merchy you said it all xx Not offended one bit i was thinking that now this group has grown a little extra consideration would'nt go amiss xx like i said i wished i was closer i'd have loved to help you,take care Sue xxxxxx

  9. Sue, good idea to stick to squares I think and a lovely idea about the Young at Heart blanket.x