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Saturday, 2 October 2010

squares, a little surprise & a proposal

Finally, after my 'teasing' posting last thursday, the story I promised.

I finished my Babette blanket last week and after such a huge project, it is good to make something ‘in between’ … Although I am, as usual, working on several projects at the same time, so in between is not exactly the right terminology. It is only too bad that summer is really over now (at least here in Holland) and my job asks a lot of my time and (mental) energy again, so the progress in everything isn’t that exciting.

However, I finally put myself into making some new SIBOL-squares. And I was, of course, trying out new patterns. At the SIBOL archive-blog I’ll tell later this week which is which, some things must be kept a secret a little longer ;-) Over here just a glimpse … Ha ha, I saw Pertinitaco and I had the same inspiration, even the colours are alike, that is such a conincidence.

The squares will fly their way to Mrs. Twins later this week, when I have finally bought new stamps.

I do not stick to the challenges, I told Mrs. Twins before.
I do like the concept, but I know myself and that means it is hard for me to keep to this kind of deadlines. I liked the sea-challenge a lot, but it ended before I could even think about which square to make. And I like the kids-challenge a lot, but haven’t found the right pattern yet. I have noticed by the way that our daughters like everything I make, you do not need a real kids-pattern, I think it is for a big part in the right (bright) colours … So, actually it is not a great ecxuse, I know. But, the star flower square may be could very well find a spot in a kids blanket I guess …

But, I did something else for the kids challenge … I hope Mrs. Twins can appreciate it a bit.
I also made a little owl this week, by a pattern I bought at http://matawies-creas.blogspot.com/ (check it out). I like the pattern, but it just isn’t right for the plan I had in mind (and now I know again what is my problem with amigurumi's, I have to count all the time ...). So, although he is on the picture, the owl now has been confisquated by one of the girls. And so, kind of inspired by the owl, I made my own design, a kind of flat cat, it has a tail and pointy ears, but no, not a cat really. A little chick, no, neither, because of the tail and ears …
I have decided to call them ZOUZITA ... I made three zouzita's. I hope to be able to enclose all three zouzita's in the package for Mrs. Twins. I cannot guarantee that, because of my daughters who like them a lot. The package can end up with only two of them.
Anyway, I’d like to propose to Mrs. Twins that she finds nice squares on the childrens blankets to attach the zouzita's on. Is it a nice idea? I kind of thought so … So, that is my contribution to the childrens challenge.

Finally, more squares to come soon, I expect. I bought myself a few new nice books with square patterns. I already received one of them and expecting more. Of course I have to try out those squares. And hey, I just have the perfect goal for those squares, don't I?

And, finally in this blogpost, I’d like to make a proposal, it is up to Mrs. Twins to decide of course (hope you don't mind me doing this Sue ...) … I hardly dare to write it down, but I do it anyway (we can always erase this part of the posting later, ha ha) … I am just curious to see how everybodies reactions are.
The last month I am totally into hexagons, in different patterns and different sizes.
Since we have included a Jan Eaton squares-blanket, wouldn’t it be a nice idea to also make a hexagon blanket with a hexagon challenge?

So, now I am off to something else now. See you later at Flickr, SIBOL-archive or maybe even one of my blogs.



  1. Just look what fun you have been up to.
    I don't know where you get all your enegry. You are like that batterie bunny. What cute fun you have posted today. Just how are you getting blogger to post.

  2. those squares look great, and those little ZOUZITA are just too funny!!
    I like the idea of the hexi blanket, but it will be Mrs Twins who decides, I think it would be a wonderful change!

  3. oooh Hexagons - sounds good to me 8)
    Then will it be triangles? XD

    Looking forward to it.

  4. I already have a bunch of hexagons that I have never done anything with, I would love to send them in if Mrs. Twins likes the idea

  5. Thank you all for your wonderful comments on Isoldes post.
    I have to be honest here with you.
    The Hexagon Blanket sounds a really nice idea.But at the present time I am quite busy with the squares. I have'nt really got the time for hexagons. Although I ask for 6" squares sometimes I get 4" sometimes I get 8". So you see I have a lot of sorting out, and building up to the correct size etc., so thats why I cant really afford the time for Hexagons.

    If Isolde wants to accept Hexagons herself. I have no problem with that.

    The other thing is the Childrens Blanket.
    I did put a notice up on SIBOL a while back.
    Someone told me on Flickr that Hospitals etc., would not accept Childrens Blankets in the UK. This was after I had already received a few squares. I made enquiries at Childrens Hospitals and Hospices and yes the lady was right, they would not accept them.

    The only way round this was to have the Blanket raffled or auctioneed for these places. But I didn't really want to go down this route. So I think it was dear Luna suggested that we make a 'Young at Heart' Blanket for the Elderly. So next year I will use the Squares for this idea.

    I'm very sorry if you missed my notice. I did ask the Ladies who had sent me the Childrens squares if they wanted them back or 'what did they want me to do with them'. They said I should keep them.

    So this is what I will do. A 'Young at Heart' Blanket will be made next year with the Childrens Squares already received.

    So....unfortunately I cannot accept Isoldes beautiful little Zouzitas! I have already explained to Isolde in a private mail my reasons.

    I have to be practical in knowing what I can and I can't do on SIBOL. I hope everyone understands.

    But saying this 'I am always opens to suggestions on SIBOL. If anyone has ideas please throw them at me'. It's your Crocheting and Knitting Group as well as mine!

    Love to you and thank you for everyone who has commented on this post and thank you dear Isolde for your 'fantastic' imagination!