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Thursday, 10 June 2010

'The Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever! (The Winning Sunshine Blanket.) 'Shining Light'.

Hi Everyone to SIBOL!

Well you all know that I have been working hard putting all your Sun themed Squares together.

I put you all on the floor, and planned you out, an edged you!>>>

Having fun when Bethel sent me some Wacky sun glasses!  Making a  fool of myself!! :)

Well what a laugh I had this morning! Bethel sent me some Sunglasses to wear while making the 'sun' themed Blankets!

Wearing Bethels' Sun glasses to do my Blankets!

For Bethel! Thank you! Mr. Twin, Would you mind? Sorry to disturb you, I know you are watching the News! For you who don't know why I'm wearing sunglasses. It's because I am making 'sun themed' Blankets and because the Blankets are so bright and wacky

What fun I've had.......Enjoying all your beautiful Squares, trying to make your Blankets as good as I possibly could!

Then this week finally finishing the last three.  So how many do we have? We have 6 Sun themed Blankets.
I had to ask Karin to choose 'The Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!.  Because she was the one who chose the theme.  Do you want to have another look at them yourselves?

The 6 'Sun themed Blankets' SIBOL we have made altogether! Thank you Ladies!

So after lots of hours spent Crocheting, late nights, tired eyes, sore fingers, aching shoulders........... I am pleased to say Karin has chosen a Winner!!

Please 'add note' to your Square Ladies! SIBOL No. 14 (Sun theme 6).

Thank you Karin for making the choice.
Thank you to all the Ladies who have contributed Squares for the Sun theme.
Thank you to everyone who continues to support me.
Thank you to just everyone who visits SIBOL.

Before I go...... I have another poem for you.  This one is by Nettie

SIBOL Squares
From Australia
Annette Young

I hope these squares,
Find their way to you,
They’re made with love
And friendship true.
And though the miles
And seas divide,
Our crafting love
Is just as wide.
So make some squares,
For Mrs. Twins,
To spread some warmth
And give some grins.
When we give squares,
That we’re proud of,
We show we care
With warmth and love.
So, when crafters unite,
Hooks and threads they twirl,
For those in need,
You mean the world.
Annette Young, June 1, 2010.

Thanks so much Nettie for allowing me to share your poem.
Have you a poem for our SIBOL Blog?
If you have a Blog yourself and you want to 'team blog' and post your poem please do!

Thanks again Karin,
Thanks again to Everyone, New Followers Hi! Thanks for visiting SIBOL.


  1. Great post Sue!
    Love the poem and love to participate in this sunny project.

    Do you have a name already for the last blankets?

  2. Hi Sue,
    thanks for your sweet reaction.
    I don´t mind translating my posting, actually I have fun in doing it (and besides, it's good for my english skils ;-S ) I think I'll continue doing it so for now.
    Again beautiful blankets.
    And prepare for a new bunch of squares next week (and maybe even a blog next week ;-) )!!