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Sunday, 25 September 2011

MONDAY'S UPDATE and Our 96th Ta - Dah! 'Grow me a Garden'.

Ta-Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 96!

Good Evening Everyone!

Thank you for visiting 'SIBOL' this evening.

I am very pleased to be showing you our second 'Grow me a Garden' Blanket. I just love the Squares in this Blanket 'once again!' and I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to this Challenge. The Squares have been 'amazing'. I seem to use that word quite a lot on our web site. But the Squares were 'amazing!'. bonsall was the lady who suggested this particular Challenge a few months ago and I'm so pleased she did because it has been a real pleasure to receive the Squares for this particular Challenge. You have all worked so terribly hard again thank you very much.  I love all the Squares in this Blanket.

Slide.com inform me that they have stopped their Slide Shows now. So unfortunately, we won't be seeing our 'Fluttering Butterflies' flying over the Blankets or even our 'Fireworks' celebrating another SIBOL! So for now we will be using Flickr Slide Show. I have made 453 Slide Shows with Slide.com and I would like to thank 'Adam' in particular over in the States who has given me so much support over the months. Thank you Adam 'that's if you are visiting!'.

Let's have a look at this new Blanket.

Such wonderful squares Ladies! 'Please add note if you see your Square!'.

Pretty isn't it? The Ladies in the Homes love the Flower Blankets as much as the Picture Square Blankets.

Created with flickr slideshow.

I do  hope you like the latest Blanket and have enjoyed looking at the photos. I've had such fun with this Blanket once again. I can never thank you all enough!


I would like to thank Coxabey (UK) on RAV for asking me a few days ago whether I would like some yarn for SIBOL. She was having a 'yarn de-stash' and this morning her yarn arrived. I am just so grateful to you. This will be so...useful for our Sunshine Blankets.

Thank you very much Coxabey! A very kind thing to do for SIBOL.

Coxabey (UK) RAV was having a yarn de-stash and asked me if SIBOL could use it? Ths morning the box arrived! Thank you so much Coxabey!

No Squares today, I'm off to do my Blanket.

x Sue x


  1. Nice and cute flowers.....like the butterflies...:))

  2. Amazing is a totally appropriate word to re-use frequently on this site!

  3. So excited to find TWO squares that I made!
    The top row, 2nd one with the butterfly and the bottom row, right in the middle with the purple flower. Love this blanket and all the squares and the pretty pale green edging.
    Great job, Sue!

  4. Beautiful xxx Loving the lacy border just as much as the squares awesome xx

  5. Oh wow! I LOVE the toadstool square 8D x

  6. hi sue , amazing blanket , wow ta dah no 96 , you will soon be on number 100 , thats amazing , well done all , xlove mel k1 p1 project xxxx

  7. Piękne rzeczy robisz dech zapiera od fantastycznych kolorów pozdrawiam cudne prace ściskam z Polski