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Thursday, 18 March 2010

'Lady Helsie, Helen your Squares have arrived today all the way from Australia!

I'm a lucky girl having two postal deliveries in one day.  The first one was the parcel post which brought Karin's Squares and at around 12.45pm we had the second usual post.  I've got me Mr. Twin at home this week and even he rushed down the stairs to see what had arrived! I think he almost wanted to open the package himself.  'Australia now' he said. 'Of yes, that's Helen!'.  I think he's surprised how popular 'SIBOL' has become!

Now as we was saying the other day Friends have asked me to make my own 'Friendship' Blanket, so I will be doing this now I have Helen's Square arrived for it. They all thought it would be nice for myself to have a memento if you like of the Squares that come in. So they can all sit by me in a special Blanket when I make the others! How cute is that! I even took you all outside the other day, we sat round a table 'chatting away' remember? The 'Alice in Sunshineland' Blanket' had a photo took outside, and it was nice to know that you were all sitting out there on my patio with me, watching the trains go by.  We have a railway line up high on the embankment.  Sounds horrible, but it's really nice because in the Summer we have the Steam trains do their special trips.  There's nothing nicer than to hear a Steam train go by.

Getting off 'the track' (sorry) so to speak.......
Here's Helen's Squares, thank you so much I love every one of them, and can't wait to put them together now.

Across the Miles from Australia. Thank you Lady Helsie! :)

I haven't put the Slide Show on here before but there might be new Followers who haven't seen it. So I hope you enjoy it. Thank you Helen.

Oh I have to say. Pertinitaco has posted the link for the 12" Square pattern, so please pop down to
where she had her photographs. It's right underneath in the comments. Thank you!


  1. That was so nice of Helsie to send granny squares to you. I asked my hubby the other day how much it would cost to send a package over seas (I've never done it). If it's not too expensive I will make some granny squares to send to you. I'll let you know when I have them ready. Is cotton yarn ok - that's what I have on hand? One question though - what is the "sun" feature?

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. Hi Sandy!
    Thanks for commenting!
    Please don't worry about sending a Sunshine Square if you think the postage is too steep. I know money is tight for quite a lot.
    Acrylic washes better, but honestly anything you have left over in your stash will be fine. The idea of any of the 'Sunshine Blankets' is to use up odd bits of wool we have lying around. Those odd bits left over from projects.
    If you have a look at Karin's post on March 9th. She was suggesting we make 'The Sunniest Sunshine Blanket!' which basically means using those oranges, yellows, etc., But of course any colour can be bright. We just want it to be as bright and cheerful as we can make it. We are inspired by the Sun giving us 'Sunshine' meaning really that we want it to be bright. So you could just do a really bright square whatever colour, or you could do a square with a centre part bursting out like a flower perhaps. Or an image. I did Little Miss Sunshine for a giggle. REally do whatever you want.
    Have a look on that March 9th post and see what you think.
    Thank you Sandy!

  3. Helsie's squares are lovely and will fit perfectly with "our" other squares. A friendship blanket is a wonderful idea

  4. I've got one of yours left over Maria so I will use that it will look nice.x