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Monday, 29 March 2010

This is a Challenge ...Let us start crocheting together.

Luna Square. You can use hook E 3.5mm or hook F 4.00 mm.

Hi everyone ! Have a blessed week.This is an invitation to all of you who enjoy crocheting....yes ..let start crocheting together.I have this beautiful square pattern for all of you who can or would be interested in participating ( No Obligation) Let's make this square and when you finish it just posted it in here and if you can we can mail it to Mrs. Twin anytime we will be ready to do so. Let have fun..... , let use all pieces of yarn that we have around our baskets and boxes with no use at all....I will start making this square in a bit...! ENJOY !!! LUNA !


1- chain of 8 .

2- 16 single crochet ( all around )

3- 8 double crochet as follow - 1 double crochet , chain of 5 ,skip one stitch and , 1 double crochet , chain of 5 , skip one stitch , 1 doble crochet , chain of 5 , skip one stitch and ect . ect. til' completing 8 double crochet all around. Go To The Pattern.

4- FLOWER - (crocheting in Chain of 5 ) first 1/2 of the PETAL - a single crochet then half double crochet and 2 double crochet or triple crochet then chain of 2 , repeat the same for the second half of the PETAL. Continue and complete all 8 petals ( all around ). Go To The Pattern.

5- ALL AROUND THE PETALS - starting with chain of 7 , following with another chain of 9 , again chain of 7 , following with chain of 9 , again chain of 7 , following nad las chain of 9.
Go TO The Pattern.

6- 13 single crochet , then chain of 3 , 19 single crochet , then chain of 3 , 19 single crochet , then chain of 3 , then 19 single crochet , then chain of 3 , then 19 single crochet , then chain of 3 and for last ...... 6 single crochet . Go To The Pattern.

7- 13 single crochet , then 21 single crochet , then chain of 3 , then 21 single crochet , then chain of 3 , then 21 single crochet , then chain of 3 , then for last 7 single crochet. Go To The Pattern.

8- 48 double crochet all around as follow- 1 double crochet , chain of 1 then skip 1 stitch and again 1 double crochet , chain of 1 , then skip 1 stitch and repeat .....IN THE CORNERS YOU HAVE TO CROCHET a Chain of 3 and again repeat the first steps .Go To The Pattern.

Note : if you want you can crochet a small border with single crochet all around to keep square nice and firm. Also you can use a different color.

For Reference ............Please always look on the Pattern ...!


  1. This one is scarey to me. I think we need more instructions to get this done... help. I'm up for it.

  2. No Problem Sweetheart (Garden Bell ) ....I will help you with a little more.....There you have more instructions to follow .Take care and have a blessed week!


  3. Luna Thank you!!
    I am sure Friends will be trying this wonderful pattern out.
    I shall later on.
    Its very good of you to do this for us!
    Have a good day Luna!
    Hugs Suex

  4. Pilar (pertinitaco)30 March 2010 at 12:01

    I join in!! Looks beautiful Luna. The idea of all of us trying a new pattern at the same time is fantastic, so funny! Thanks for sharing

  5. I started mine last night. Center flower is finished. I will be doing a little hooking at the ball fields tonight. Will post pics when its finished. Thanks for the pattern.


  6. So pleased everyone is trying this out! Welcome to team blogging Amber!x

  7. Anyone else out there like me and wondering what that fab book is that Luna gets her awesome patterns from??? :)

  8. AZBelle ! I will give you the Titles of them if you need them.I'll be glad to share them with you.
    Have a wonderful week.

  9. Thanks Mrs. Twins. I love this blog!! Check it daily :)

  10. Ohh my Grls I go away for 5 mins & look what you get up too... I had better get my skids on I think... this looks a fabulous pattern... thanks Luna...