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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Introducing 'SIBOL' NO. 8! 'Butterfly' - named by Posy Linda Thank you!

Hi Everyone!

I'm so happy 'SIBOL' No. 8 is finished! Posy Linda very kindly sent me some Squares on April 7th.  I am pleased to say I have used 25 of her Squares in my latest Blanket.  Posy Linda I would very much like you to 'name the Blanket!'.  Please feel free to name the Blanket what ever you like!

I have fitted this one in before I start the 'sun' theme Blankets! It's a quickie because all the Squares are exactly the same size and it didn't need much planning if you understand what I mean. I have used 25 of Posy Linda's 44 Squares! Yes, that's right 44! I still have the others to use.  But next I must sort out the 'sun' themed Squares because that theme is now over and works begins!! 

I have put the Blanket together, managed to finish the Border off today (Mr. Twins' didn't go racing in the end!). But he's been good upstairs not bothering me...... Took my Ta-Dah photos, made the Slide Show for Posy Linda and for the rest of you.  Now I have to think about tea.  Then I have to sit down and write my article for 'INSIDE CROCHET!'  (Would you believe!).  Then some other tidying up work for 'SIBOL' Admin.  It's not just the Crocheting I have to do, I have loads of Admin work too. Catching up on enquiries on emails, writing the blogs. etc., etc.,   I've got a proper job now, after 24 years of just being a Wife and Mother.  'I have a  purpose now!' Something for me, you and  the Elderly, and aren't we all just having a wicked time!

I want to thank Posy Linda for the beautiful Squares, I just hope you think I have made the Blanket okay. I want to thank you all too. All our 'SIBOL' Followers, Team Bloggers, and just everyone who happens to read  our Blog!

Please enjoy 'The Story of Posy Lindas' Squares!' 'Butterfly'.


  1. Beautiful blanket!
    Well done Sue!

  2. Aah Sue lovely post - you have a full time job now - working mum!!! Have fun with it - oh and you will be a magazine article writer too by the end of the week!!! **kim**X

  3. I like how this one turned out.

    I'm thinking it needs to be called.

    Trick or Treat.....it has those Halloween colors of fall to it. Great job and a fun new addition to your collection.


  4. Just popped back in to see of Ms. Linda from Florida has a blog I'm missing. Or is she a Flickr Friend. Added link to my Mosaic today. Hope you get some traffic here.

  5. wow . wow . WOW! Sweetest Sue - YOU are too kind! You have lovingly crafted these crazy squares into a real beauty! I can't believe how it turned out. I was just checking in to see if you had received any new squares and what do I find....Thank you Sue - you made me feel special and very proud. With our love and best wishes. Linda and Posy

  6. Oh Sue...Would you consider attaching one of those pretty butterflies you made to this blanket? If you would I think we should name it "Butterfly". I think the butterflies just sends this blanket "over the top". A very nice touch. Thanks again.

  7. Posy Linda!
    You've read my mind!
    I was going to get some purple ribbon and hang it from the blanket. I'm sure it would bring a smile to someones face.
    You know I think I might do that for all of them. Ideas! Always ideas!
    Yes of course, we will call it 'Butterfly!' and thanks so much once again!
    Hugs Suex

  8. love this blanket such a lovely idea to add the butterflies

  9. Salma over on Flickr suggested I use the Butterflies as a trade mark and do it for all the Blankets! Thanks everyone for your comments.

  10. Really Beautiful blanket Suex, well done ! Congratulations on your article for Inside Crochet ~ ooh so exciting! Wowee you are one very busy & special lady...happy hooking ;)