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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Squares from Karin and Wanda on Thursday!

Hello Everyone!

Pretty Squares arrive at my home today from Karin in the Netherlands and Wanda from Puerto Rico. Thank you both so....much!

Here is Wanda's Squares, all bright colours I wonder what theme this is for!
I think the 'sun' theme!

Dull day here in the UK. Rain but these Squares brightened my afternoon up! Thanks Wanda!

Wanda these Squares are gorgeous, thank you so much! All the way from Puerto Rico.

Aren't they gorgeous! So pretty. Thank you so much Wanda. As I am posting these Squares unfortunately my slide show is very slow loading up. I will keep trying for you. I do like to put them in as soon as they arrive!

Now you've seen Karin's beautiful Flower Squares on photos, but I can tell you all to see them in the 'flesh' is just wonderful. They arrived today and I want to thank Karin as she is always so quick with our Challenges!
I bet she will be starting on the next!

Squares come in already for our 'Flower' Challenge! From Karinaandehaak! Thanks so much!

'Flower Squares!' Now I wonder where these have come from? Of course it's Karin in the Netherlands!  Ladies they are more beautiful in the 'flesh!'. Thank you Karin!

Gorgeous Squares from both Ladies, thank you so much for helping the 'SIBOL' project!

I promise I will keep trying with the Slide Show.

I have been trying to reply back to comments left on 'SIBOL' but as you know the other week I was experiencing problems with the computer, well I have to say it is still not working correctly. I have a 'firewall' which is stopping the connection on some computers and until Mr. Twin has a look at it, I sometimes am unable to get the comment to go through. So please forgive me.

I hope you enjoy looking at the Squares that have come in today.
If you are interested in helping us on 'SIBOL' by making Squares please remember to enclose all relevant details, this does help me and saves time.

P.S. My article has been accepted! Should be in next months 'Inside Crochet' No. 8 9th June. With photos! I have sent up a photo of the Blanket 'Across the Oceans' because 'Little Kimbles' has her square on that one! Kim if you are reading, could you tell her please! Thanks.
I have sent up three photos I don't know which one they will use. I can't wait!

Love to you all. I will do the Slide Show as soon as I can!
Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL'. Don't be shy join in the fun!


  1. Hi Sue;) Those sunny squares from Wanda of Puerto Rico are "muy hermosa"... and Karin's dahlia squares are so fresh looking. I love that sage green edging. I will be looking for the Crochet Insider magazine, can't can't wait to read your article. Congratulations Sue!!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks Linda for your comments!

  4. love to you too and thanks for your beautiful project

  5. I love those sunny squares they look so bright and happy. and the flower ones are so pretty.

  6. Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL'!

  7. Sue! I am back in blogland! Thank you for including Little Kimbles square - I will tell her and she will be really excited and it will be a welcome relief from final exams so THANK YOU. Big congratulations that they accepted your article can't wait to buy a "souvenir" copy or two!!! XX

  8. A magazine article,how exciting ! Well done,I expect you are suprised how your lovely idea has grown .I've said it before but well done Sue on thinking of such a great project that we can all participate in.Oh ,and for being my first bloggy friend!!!
    Jacquie x

  9. New squares are magnificent I love them all. Many congrats on the article that is fabulous, you are bound to get inundated with mountains of new squares xxxx