Our SIBOL TOTAL IS 1376! Thank You!

Slideshow of Sunshine Blankets (Click on Left/Right Arrows).

Challenge Blankets
I'm Sue and can be contacted on

It is so important that email addresses and names are enclosed with your donations of Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Butterflies please. Thank you!

Butterflies LINK

'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on sueatpigsty@virginmedia.com Thank you!
Please Note

Please may I remind you to enclose your email address with parcels delivered to my home. If I don't acknowledge receipt it's because I can't find your address. Thank you.

Total 1384 Thank you!

Friday, 30 April 2010

Squares from America on Friday and some details about Inside Crochet.

Hi Everyone!

'An Angel' sent these all the way from America today. I am so.....grateful!

For our 'sun' theme! Off GrannySquare49 USA Thank you such beautiful Squares!

Thank you 'Angel' USA. Beautiful Squares arrived today.

These are all such beautiful Squares. On the top photo my favourite of course is the 'sun'. Isn't it just so cute!

The photo at the bottom my favourite on this one is the purple Square bottom right. They are made with love and I am truly grateful! Thank you!

If anyone wants a copy of the 'Inside Crochet' Magazine, I have been buying them from W.H. Smith every now and then, but I have found out that they are available digitally. So why not try the link out. http://www.yudu.com/  it's quite a good magazine.

A short post today I have to sort my Squares out this evening.  There are such a lot!!! Imagine 5 sets of Squares (well 5 1/2 actually!)  all over your Lounge floor!!  They were on the floor last night as well. I did plan them all out, but no I have to change them tonight.  Now I'm waiting for Little Miss Twin (1) to go out clubbing and then I can have a good go at them.  Let's say quite a Challenge Ladies for me I have to say! But I'll be okay once I get going. A little bit daunting.......

 Have a good weekend everyone! Please view the Slide Show!  Thanks again 'Angel!'.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Squares from Karin and Wanda on Thursday!

Hello Everyone!

Pretty Squares arrive at my home today from Karin in the Netherlands and Wanda from Puerto Rico. Thank you both so....much!

Here is Wanda's Squares, all bright colours I wonder what theme this is for!
I think the 'sun' theme!

Dull day here in the UK. Rain but these Squares brightened my afternoon up! Thanks Wanda!

Wanda these Squares are gorgeous, thank you so much! All the way from Puerto Rico.

Aren't they gorgeous! So pretty. Thank you so much Wanda. As I am posting these Squares unfortunately my slide show is very slow loading up. I will keep trying for you. I do like to put them in as soon as they arrive!

Now you've seen Karin's beautiful Flower Squares on photos, but I can tell you all to see them in the 'flesh' is just wonderful. They arrived today and I want to thank Karin as she is always so quick with our Challenges!
I bet she will be starting on the next!

Squares come in already for our 'Flower' Challenge! From Karinaandehaak! Thanks so much!

'Flower Squares!' Now I wonder where these have come from? Of course it's Karin in the Netherlands!  Ladies they are more beautiful in the 'flesh!'. Thank you Karin!

Gorgeous Squares from both Ladies, thank you so much for helping the 'SIBOL' project!

I promise I will keep trying with the Slide Show.

I have been trying to reply back to comments left on 'SIBOL' but as you know the other week I was experiencing problems with the computer, well I have to say it is still not working correctly. I have a 'firewall' which is stopping the connection on some computers and until Mr. Twin has a look at it, I sometimes am unable to get the comment to go through. So please forgive me.

I hope you enjoy looking at the Squares that have come in today.
If you are interested in helping us on 'SIBOL' by making Squares please remember to enclose all relevant details, this does help me and saves time.

P.S. My article has been accepted! Should be in next months 'Inside Crochet' No. 8 9th June. With photos! I have sent up a photo of the Blanket 'Across the Oceans' because 'Little Kimbles' has her square on that one! Kim if you are reading, could you tell her please! Thanks.
I have sent up three photos I don't know which one they will use. I can't wait!

Love to you all. I will do the Slide Show as soon as I can!
Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL'. Don't be shy join in the fun!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Happy Wednesday! Bienzfive and Gibraltar Louise Your Squares have arrived!

Hi Everyone!

Just popping in to thank Karin for putting the Square up. Isn't it gorgeous?
I'm hoping some will have a go for our 'flower' theme. If you have 'sun' Squares still on their way, please don't worry, they will be accepted even though the Challenge has ended.

You'll be pleased to know that I have now received enough 'sun' themed Squares for 5 Blankets! Now I know what you are thinking Ladies, Gosh Sue, how will you cope with all of those! Well I have to say I will be just fine. You know I'm loving it!

Can I just say you don't have to do these Challenges, if you just want to make any Square you like please do. I realise from emails that Ladies go to work and meeting deadlines is sometimes a bit difficult. The Challenges are just for a bit of fun. It gives us ideas and something to aim for but as I say you don't have to do them.

Please remember to enclose your email address and other details which are in side bar. When the Squares come in I like to let you know, it's just a lot quicker if I have the details to hand.

Now the exciting bit...... I have had two lots of Squares come in today. Some from NY USA from Bienzfive and the other package was from Gibraltar Louise. Funny really these two coming together, because a couple of weeks ago Gibraltar Louise asked if we could do a 'strawberries and cream' Challenge she was inspired on Flickr from Bienzfive. Now isn't that funny how the two packages arrived bundled together in an elastic band!! I couldn't help but smile.

Gibraltar Louise made some pretty Flower Squares, they are such beautiful colours and they look so delicate. I put them on my table in the Conservatory, the doilies underneath belonged to Mr. Twins' Mother. But I think they looked so beautiful displayed on there.

'Gibraltar Louise' Thank you so much for the 'Flower Squares'.  Do you want to join us? We're having fun over on 'SIBOL'!

Thank you Gibraltar Louise. Now Bienzfive has very kindly sent me some more Squares too. Have a look at these Squares, aren't they lovely too? OOh, I just love Squares don't you. Bienzfives' Squares will be perfect for the Flower Challenge and for the Strawberries and Cream. I just love the pink she has used, it is so pretty... Here's one of her photos but you will be able to see the other couple of photos in the Slide Show I have up-dated in the side bar.

Bienzfive Your Squares arrived today! Thank you!!  Such a pretty pink! Beautiful Squares for our 'Flower' and 'Strawberries and Cream' Challenges! Gorgeous Thank you!

Thank you both Gibraltar Louise and Bienzfive, well done and your help is very much appreciated.
Please have a look in the Slide show now.

So now I'll get on with the Sun theme Blankets, and aren't I looking forward to making them! Thank you all for your comments on 'Butterfly' too!

~~~ Sue ~~~

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Granny Square Flower

If you like to crochet this granny square too, please visit Ravelry for the pattern.
I made a translation in Dutch. You can find it on my blog
Karin aan de haak! Please don't try to translate my Dutch version in English with the google translator on, you will end up completely frustrated.... hahahaaa!

~X~ Karin

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Introducing 'SIBOL' NO. 8! 'Butterfly' - named by Posy Linda Thank you!

Hi Everyone!

I'm so happy 'SIBOL' No. 8 is finished! Posy Linda very kindly sent me some Squares on April 7th.  I am pleased to say I have used 25 of her Squares in my latest Blanket.  Posy Linda I would very much like you to 'name the Blanket!'.  Please feel free to name the Blanket what ever you like!

I have fitted this one in before I start the 'sun' theme Blankets! It's a quickie because all the Squares are exactly the same size and it didn't need much planning if you understand what I mean. I have used 25 of Posy Linda's 44 Squares! Yes, that's right 44! I still have the others to use.  But next I must sort out the 'sun' themed Squares because that theme is now over and works begins!! 

I have put the Blanket together, managed to finish the Border off today (Mr. Twins' didn't go racing in the end!). But he's been good upstairs not bothering me...... Took my Ta-Dah photos, made the Slide Show for Posy Linda and for the rest of you.  Now I have to think about tea.  Then I have to sit down and write my article for 'INSIDE CROCHET!'  (Would you believe!).  Then some other tidying up work for 'SIBOL' Admin.  It's not just the Crocheting I have to do, I have loads of Admin work too. Catching up on enquiries on emails, writing the blogs. etc., etc.,   I've got a proper job now, after 24 years of just being a Wife and Mother.  'I have a  purpose now!' Something for me, you and  the Elderly, and aren't we all just having a wicked time!

I want to thank Posy Linda for the beautiful Squares, I just hope you think I have made the Blanket okay. I want to thank you all too. All our 'SIBOL' Followers, Team Bloggers, and just everyone who happens to read  our Blog!

Please enjoy 'The Story of Posy Lindas' Squares!' 'Butterfly'.


Hi Ladies!
Here are my squares for the blanket with the flower theme:

This week I will send them on a trip to the U.K.
~X~ Karin

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Lots of Squares on Saturday and an Award!

Hi Everyone!

Are you having a nice Saturday? The weather has been lovely again. I've been busy with the family or I would have got these Squares on earlier.

May I first thank 'Alhana' for our Sunshine Award! She is very kindly offering 'SIBOL' a group blog award for all the hard work we do making Granny Squares for the Blankets for the Elderly.  It really is very thoughtful of you Alhana and on behalf of 'SIBOL' group members a 'BIG THANK YOU!'

BrendaS2 has very kindly sent me some gorgeous Squares today. Now if you go over to Flickr I have posted them over there and BrendaS2 has very kindly given me details about the Squares.  A lot of Ladies ask about the Squares and it's always so nice to have a reference for them.  If you have any other queries BrendaS2 (Flickr) I'm sure would only be too pleased to help or offer advice. She's brilliant at Squares and has tried quite a few different ones for 'SIBOL'.  I have known BrendaS2 for a long time and she's such a helpful friend to me. Thank you BrendaS2!  Here's just one of the Squares, the others will be over in the Slide Show! So please take a look over there!

'Origami Crocheted Square' - my-pattern-blogspot.com

Now I had some Squares come in from Spain this morning.  I would like to thank  Sonieta for her wonderful help. She's made some brightly coloured Squares for 'SIBOL' and I am really most grateful to her.  She also enclosed  a tiny little Friendship Square for me! Isn't this just so cute! It means such a lot to me Sonieta, so thank you very much  and indeed for the 'SIBOL' Squares.

Here's the Friendship Square, so delicate and beautiful!

'A little Friendship Square' from cosetespetites! Thank you so much! She enclosed it with her 'SIBOL' Squares! Thank you!

Thank you so much to both Ladies who sent me Squares this morning, I can't thank you enough. I'm sure everyone will enjoy looking at your Squares in the Slide Show!  If you want to see Sonietas' Squares please pop over to Flickr. But of course you don't have to do that they are here over to the right.

Bye for now,
Have a lovely evening and I'm off to crochet!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Squares across the miles from Australia!

Hi Everyone!

It's such a lovely warm day here in the UK. I hope it's nice where-ever you are! I can't believe how quickly the week has gone again. Let's hope we can all do a bit of 'hooky' this weekend!

I had a package arrive this morning from Australia. forines13 on Flickr  who  very kindly sent me some lovely Squares. They really are pretty, but I say that about all the Squares!

I've made a Slide Show including your Squares forines13, enjoy and have a nice Weekend. Thank you so much for the package this morning.  It was very kind of you!

Australian Squares meet a 'SIBOL'. Thank you so much forines13!

Happy Weekend Everyone! and thanks for visiting 'SIBOL'.


L. DALIUS  - I'm so sorry I am unable to contact you. Can you sign up with Flickr and send me a Flickr mail on there. Thank you!


We have New Challenges now. Please look over at the Side bar for all details or 21st April post. Thank you!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Squares from France! /New Challenges announced 21st April.

Good afternoon to you all!

Sunny Squares arrive today from France.  rose-marguerite thank you so much.  It's really kind of you and they will match perfectly with our other 'sun' Squares.  I just can't wait to start putting them together now. I have to finsh something off first.

It's always nice to see what the Postie brings and  rose-marguerites' Squares are just fantastic for our Challenge.  So many thanks to you!  Your Squares are in the Slide Show now to the right of the screen. 

I have posted the Deadline Dates, Karin thought this might be a good idea.

May I ask something......When you send Squares could you please include
                                               Your Name
                                               Your Address
                                               Your email Address
                                               Your Blog if you have one.
                                               Your Internet Name (e.g. Mrs Twins)

When the Squares arrive I like to put them onto Flickr so everyone can see them. It's always nice to look at the patterns and colours of Squares.  Then I put them on to the two blogs 'SIBOL'  and 'Mrs Twins'.  It does take a lot of time, especially when things are going so.......slow! But it's nice. I enjoy taking the photos for you and 'showcasing' your Squares.

Everyone tells me how much they are enjoying 'SIBOL' and I would like to thank you all very much for visiting. I am so pleased I've now managed to get  hold of Rachana.  She's joined us over on Flickr and I'm still waiting for L. Dalius.  I have a problem sending an email back to you. Sorry there is nothing I can do now unless you sort your end out, or join Flickr and send me a Flickr mail.

Have a good day everyone! Happy Crocheting/Knitting!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Would you like to make a Flower Square? /Manclass82 Squares (Wed).

Hello Everyone!

My internet seems to be improving, but at times I am back to 'square one', so please bear with me. The Engineers are supposed to be still working on the problem.

Thank you all so much for the 'SUN' themed Squares.  They are all so fantastic. I'm going to have a great job putting all these together now!  I appreciate each and everyone of them. I know I always say this, but I really do.

Our 'sun' theme has finished today. But please don't worry if you have made Squares for this theme, and they haven't arrived yet due to the 'ash' problem! They will be used. This is just to say that the theme has now ended and that we are moving on to the next one.

Which is?..............'The Flower Square' theme.   (Deadline 31st May)

Now please trawl the internet, get your Crocheting books out, ask Friends, and try and find a nice 'Flower Square' pattern.  Luna very kindly puts up some great 'Flower' Squares and there actually is a nice video in the side bar on 'SIBOL'  which you can click on to.

Once again these Squares will be made into Blankets for the Elderly.  These Challenges just make the project more interesting for all of us. We like to discuss new ideas, and try different things out. 

If you dont want to do a 'Flower Square' we have other Challenges coming up, you may be interested in.

1.  'Flower Squares'
     Deadline 31st May.

2.  'Blue and White Squares'
      (Suggested by Kim)
     Deadline 30th June.

3.   'Strawberries and Cream Squares'
      (Suggested by Handmade in Gibraltar).
      Deadline 31st July.

4.    'Male Squares'
       (Suggested by Karin)
       Deadline 31st August.
       (Darker Colours, we always think of the Elderly as Women, but of course there are men also! )

5.    'Black and White Squares'
       (Suggested by Pertinitaco)
        Deadline 30th Sept.
        (We could use this as a Man's Blanket!).

6.    'Childrens' Picture Squares'
       (Suggested by crochet3love Flickr).
       Deadline 30th Oct.

She suggested 'Children's Picture Squares after seeing my 'Little Miss. Sunshine' used in the 'sun' theme Blanket idea. She thought maybe we could make a Children's Blanket with pictures on, Crocheted or Knitted.

Make a 6

You know me by now! I am so pulled towards making Blankets for the Elderly, but I would'nt mind just seeing whether this Challenge would work! If it works out, we could give the Blanket to a Children's Charity/Hospital or whatever, some worthwhile cause.

If you don't want to take part in any of these Challenges, that isn't a problem. Please feel free to send in a Square of any colour, any design of your choice.  I can always use them in other Blankets. This is something I want to be doing for quite a while. I am just loving the whole experience.

6" Knitted or Crocheted Squares
Acrylic if possible please.

I still haven't done my totals but I will. With all my internet problems I am running a bit behind.

I do hope you will join us, we are having lots of fun here on 'SIBOL'.


I would like to thank Manclass82 for her beautiful 'sun' themed Squares which popped through my Letter box. The Squares are as bright as can be! They are just perfect for our 'sun' theme.  Gosh I am going to have fun putting all these Squares together in a Blanket. Thanks so much Manclass82!


L. DALIUS -   Can you please contact me through Flickr.   (If you join up you can send me a Flickr mail or try again sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

2.  RACHANA - Please contact me through email/Flickr.

So sorry but I have tried numerous times!

'SIBOL'. - is 'team blogging'.  If you would like to take part it is by invitation only. Which means that you email me if you are interested and I will send you an invitation, so you can log on and then write your own posts. Perhaps you'd like to show some Squares you have made and chat a little about them.

Please don't forget to check out our 'Blankets for the Elderly 2010' over on Flickr. It's our Flickr group showing our 'SIBOL' Squares.

Every day I am touched by the kindness of people all over the world. Making Blankets for the Elderly was
just a little idea that I posted back in January.  I had no idea that it would have been so successful! I would like to thank each and everyone of you! I am most grateful for your help.  Every Square I receive will be made into 'Sunshine Blankets' and donated to Nursing Homes/Hospitals/Charities.

Thank you all for your wonderful support!

~~ Sue ~~~

Monday, 19 April 2010

Mondays News! UP-DATED! Slide Show.

Hi Everyone!

First of all I have to say I am having problems with my internet connection. If I go quiet you know why! The Engineers are working on it. It is working less that 2% internet speed which is really so slow. Therefore, I am having problems opening emails and web sites. Unfortunately!

Unfortunately, because I am very pleased to say Rachel Choi  ' Crochet Spot' Weekly Update has featured my article in her Weekly Update. There is also an interesting article which might interest friends of mine !  'Do all Crocheters Have Cats?' So if you are a Cat Lover please check it out.

I have already had a few people contact me. I am doing my best to answer on my i phone. So please bear with me.  If I don't answer you within a couple of days please email me again. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience caused. 

I would like to thank Rachel very much for featuring my article on her web site! I hope you will check it out.

Thank you to all the new enquiries I've had today about 'SIBOL'.  I know there are many who are really enjoying our blog!

Hugs Sue

UP-DATED Tuesday!

Sorry I couldn't get some Squares on yesterday. Pol at MSE Knitting Forum sent me some really 'sunny' Squares yesterday.

Pol at MSE (UK) Thanks so much for these beautiful 'sun' themed squares! Girls put your sun glasses on definitely for these! Thank you!

 Aren't they bright Ladies! I hope we are getting our Sun glasses out ready! Won't be long now. Deadline for the 'sun' theme is tomorrow. Although as we have had trouble with planes, and volcanoes if any come in late they will be used, don't worry.

Gorgeous Squares do we all agree? I'll proabably have enough for three blankets.

 If you are on Flickr, it's probably best to contact me on that for now, until I get my internet problem sorted. Mr. Twin is going to ring up again tonight to see what's going on.  They told us it would be three days.  Well the three days are  up tonight! So I think a phone call is in order. I can't open up any emails on the pc at the moment. Web-surfing is very, very slow. I can't get to read the blogs it's taking a mission, sorry.  I can get on here, just about.

Thank you!

New Pattern to share with all of you......Luna !

For a larger IMAGE , click on the picture.

This is a great pattern for the Flower Blanket that Mrs Twins is planning to make.Very easy pattern to make.Good luck ....enjoy and happy crocheting.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

'The Garden Bell sends us 'sunny' Squares!

Hello to you all!

Welcome to 'SIBOL' if you are a new Follower! We are always pleased to greet new friends!

Our deadline for the 'sun' themed Blankets is 21st April. Just to say really that if any Squares are late arriving they will be used! I would like to say thank you to everyone who has found the time to make a Square or two, or three or four or 'more!' :) They have all been so bright and sunny just what we need to cheer us all up!

'The Garden Bells' Squares are no exception, just look at the sunny colours she has used in them. They arrived yesterday and I have been longing to show you all but my internet speed is only working at 2% which is really slow and it's taking a long time for that 'little green bar' to get to where it should be! Sometimes I have to give up. This morning I just let it run while doing my chores so I have managed to get the new Squares loaded up for you all to see.

Here's Squares from 'The Garden Bell' and thank you so....much Kate for the package the Squares are beautiful!

'The Garden Bells' Squares meet the '7' SIBOLS!.

Please have a look at 'The Garden Bells' Squares in the Slide Show!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

I love flowers !

I love the idea of a flower blanket ! You just can't fail to make something lovely with all those flowery colours and patterns. Mrs Twins- I can't wait to see how it turns out.I have been busy making a few squares and I've just learned how to make a mosaic (thank you Kim) so I just made a flower mosaic to share with you...

I also posted them on flickr in the SIBOL group and in the general crochet group for good measure. I'm sure you can tell from all this activity that my hubbie is out and my children are watching tv in their pyjamas otherwise I'd never have been able to spend so long!
love to you all
Louise xx

Friday, 16 April 2010

'The Story of 'SIBOL' No. 7. Thank you Damaris your Blanket is finished!

Hi Everyone!

Well it's Friday and the weekend is near. I do hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm so pleased to introduce you to 'SIBOL' NO. 7. Now back at the start of March I received some Squares from Damaris. Not just a couple of Squares but '25 Squares!' I know I was so chuffed....... Here's the stack.......

Damaris - Puerto Rico - Do you remember when your Squares arrived 8/3/10?  I stacked them by my Birdcage!  PLEASE FOLLOW THE PHOTOS!!  THE MAKING OF 'SIBOL' NO. 7 please read on..........

I showed them to you!

I played with them, I touched them.....Everyone admired them!

I planned the Blanket on the carpet.

I lay them on my Lounge Carpet and arranged them........

I started edging them and joining them together (My way)....

I played with them more...........

I crocheted the Border.......

I started the border..........

Finally here's my finished Blanket with lots of thanks to Damaris who sent me the 25 Squares! Would you like to name the Blanket Damaris!

I thought why not put my Bird Cage and Stork with your Blanket!

I have enjoyed making this Blanket so....much! I just love the pastel colours, the wool was so easy to work with. It was such a joy! Thank you so much Damaris.

Please look at your Slide Show now.
Have a good weekend everyone! Happy Crocheting! Why not join in the fun!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Squares From France (again!).

Hi Everyone who is visiting 'SIBOL' today.

Aren't I lucky? Two lots of Squares from France in two days! Today I was very pleased to receive the Squares from 'Dulcinae'. Dulcinae sent me a lovely set of Squares which will be absolutely ideal for the Blankets. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to make the Squares and send them to me Dulcinae.

Thank you Dulcinae! Your Squares arrived today. They are so pretty!  :)

Please view the Slide Show and see Dulcinaes' Squares!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wednesday Squares from Valerie (UK) and Yarns From a Barn in France!

Hi Everyone!

Well I expect you are tuning in to see 'who's' been sending 'what?' Today I've had some truly beautiful Squares come in. What always amazes me that each one is so different, each one so personal. That's what I like about doing this project. It's always lovely to 'meet and greet' your Squares! Two packages today one from Valerie (UK) and the other from Yarns From a Barn in France.

Valerie and Yarns From a Barn in France have both contributed Squares before and once again I'm really thankful for them helping me. In a few days time I will be giving you some facts about 'SIBOL'.

Both Ladies do a lot of work for Charity. It's so rewarding when you are doing work for others.

Valerie sent me these pretty Squares today.

Here's a close up of Valeries' Squares.

The mauve square was from crochet overlay jewelry by Melody macduffee the squares in her book are made out of 2 strands of ordinary cotton sewing thread but when made in wool they come out much bigger.It is sort of simular to aran crochet. The other square was from the 99 crochet flower book by leisure arts.

Thank you Valerie!

......and Yarns From a Barn in France sent me these Squares along with a beautiful Flower brooch she had made. Thank you very much Yarns from a Barn in France!.

These Squares have travelled from France. Thank you so much! Really lovely!

So cute!

Here's the updated Slide Show showing your Squares. (Over to the right - top).

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tuesday Squares from the UK.

Hi Everyone!

Some brightly coloured Squares arrived today from the UK! From Bonsall.

These colours seem to go so well, lovely and bright just right for our 'sun' theme blankets. I am so.....pleased Bonsall wanted to help us with Squares and when she can she's going to do a few more! So I'll look forward to that. She's got such a lovely selection of Amigurumi dolls and she's even made some 'Jedwards' off the T.V. For our friends abroad these two twin boys were recently on a talent show here in the UK. They were really cute lads, and had a really weird hairstyle.  Bonsall has made two dolls resembling them and they are so....wacky.  They even have girlfriends! So comical. Well done Bonsall. Please pop over and have a look at them.  I know Ladies from the Knitting forum would love to see them as they have recently been making knitted dolls after seeing  'Harry Hills TV burp show'.

Look at these bright Squares from bonvillespics!   UK. Aren't they gorgeous! Arrived today. Thank you!

Bonsalls' Squares are over to the left in the Slide Show.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Vintage Patchwork Crocheted Blanket

Hi Everyone,

Beautiful day here again in the UK.

Valerie very kindly sent me this picture over on email. It's out of a Vintage Crocheting Book and it's a beautiful Patchwork Crocheted Blanket.  It's lovely although we don't think it's as nice as the one she sent the other day. The Rose Afghan. Take a look at it anyway.

I'm getting a lot of enquiries from France. Thank you so much Vers Cythere Please check her blog out. She has an article on 'SIBOL'  a few posts back.

Here's the picture. Thank you Valerie.  I'd be really interested if anyone has any Vintage Crocheting Books they'd like to tell us about! Thanks.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Saturday fun! You''ve guessed it, more Squares ! Anne (UK) and Maree (Australia).

Hi Everyone,

I just thought you would like to see the latest Squares received today! I've had Squares from Maree in Australia and Anne (Pippa S- MSE) in the UK.  I've found out from Anne's address that she only lives about 20 minutes away from me! Small world!

They both sent gorgeous Squares and I would love you to see them.

Here's Annes

Annes Squares UK, beautiful colours! Thank you so much!

Look at the one on the left. I think this is my favourite, it is so different.  A granny Square with a double crochet edging. I think thats really cool.  Wouldn't it be lovely to make four corners with that one! A small cushion maybe! Anne tells me the Flower one on the right is from '200 Squares and Blocks for Throws and Afghans. Thank you Anne.

Then Maree from Australia very kindly sent me some too! Maree particularly liked the 'Clair De La Lune' music I played on 'Mrs Twins' blog. Sorry it isn't on the blog now Maree, I've changed to another music provider and I couldn't find that tune on there. 

Such pretty Squares too, I am a lucky girl this week. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your help this week and I just want to say I am most grateful.
Have a nice Sunday. I'm late going to bed again.

Updated Slideshow over on the left. (Top one is the latest).

Friday, 9 April 2010

'Flower in The Garden Bell's Garden'.


It's late I know. Just sat here in the Kitchen having a go at the Flower.  Luna put up a video a few days ago for the Loopy Flower. I hope you will check it out.  I got a bit stuck so Brenda very kindly helped me out.
I made a couple of mistakes, but it's only the first attempt.  I am quite pleased with it. One for the 'Flower' Blanket  Challenge.

A Flower in 'The Garden Bell's Garden!'. A 'Flower Blanket' Challenge on 'SIBOL'. For the Elderly. There is a video for this Flower on 'SIBOL'. shiloandspeiky put up for us. (Luna) www.sunshineinternationalblanketsoflove.blogspot.com

Nite everyone!

Sunny Squares from Sandy in Arizona.

Hi Everyone,

Weekend approaches!

It's been such a beautiful day here today in the UK. Really quite warm.  I made the most this afternoon and went outside and swept the Patio, got rid of those dead plants finally!

Anyway, I'm very pleased to say today Sandy's 'sun' themed Squares arrived.  Wow! Look how bright they are! Just ideal for our 'sun' themed Blankets Ladies! Aren't they gorgeous? I just love them.

Orange and yellows perfect for a Sunny day here in the UK! Sandy has sent them from the USA. Arizona. Thank you!

I love them all but I think my favourite out of all the Squares is the one with yellow in the middle and then orange and then white.  (Over on the right). I wonder where Sandy got the patterns from? I'm always interested. Perhaps when others are sending in their Squares they would put a note inside so that I can post the details. I'm sure she'll let us know. (Yellow Square - all.crafts.net 'Tilted Square'. Yellow/Orange piece-by-piece.net 'Vintage Wheel Square'. Yellow/Orange/White 101 Granny Squares by Darla Sims Sq no.6. ) Thankyou SAndy!

Sandys 'Sunshine Squares' with the 'SIBOLS!'.

I do hope you will pop over to Sandy's blog.  You can tell from paying a visit over there that she loves her Crocheting just like we all do. She lives in Arizona and keeps Cockatiels.  My Mother kept a Cockatiel years ago when I was at home. It was so tame and would go and sit on her shoulder.  They do make a mess though, but they really are good company. 'Alberto' was the name of Mom's bird. She had him for quite a long time.  We kept Budgies as Kids.  We thought the one was a male Budgie until it kept laying loads of eggs! OOh! I'm rattling on sorry!

Anyway, have a good weekend everyone!

Please have a look at the up-dated Slide Show with Sandys' Squares in.
Bye for now.


This might help some...

G'day Folks
I'm just popping in to say G'day & let
you know that an internet mate of mine
has done a wonderful tutorial on a
square she is doing.
I think the best part is all the photos
she has to show the 'join as you go'
method of making your squares into
I know some folks struggle with this
concept so thought I'd see if this helped...
The Royal Sisters ... some of you are
already followers of this blog...
Hope you all have a great hooky weekend...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

What are we doing next?

Hello Everyone!

First of all thank you dear Karin for the beautiful Flowers! OOh! that has made my morning! Thank you. So beautiful aren't they?

I must apologise for not being clear.  I hadn't OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY announced the next theme. As I wasn't sure whether I ought to! Because we are still doing the 'sun' theme until the 21st April.  But you know after me posting the picture that Valerie sent over with the Lady crocheting the Flower Afghan, I was beginning to think along with others. Yes, Let's do a Flower Blanket.  That Vintage photo has certainly got everyone interested.  Don't you just love these old books?  You know I'd really be grateful from Followers if they could have a look through their drawers and see if they have any old books in there. Hopefully with some nice pictures in. If they could send them to me by email on an attachment that would be fantastic because it might spur us on with other ideas! The one Valerie has sent over was just so wonderful. I put it on Flickr last night and everyone is remarking about it.

So Friends shall we do a 'Flower' Blanket?  I OFFICIALLY now announce our next Challenge! A 'Flower' Sunshine International Blanket of Love.  So please send your Flower Squares in. We haven't decided on a closing date as yet. So have a look through your old books and see what you can come up with.  Luna actually posted a Flower Square on 'SIBOL'  a few posts back if anyone is interested.

I think the blue and white Challenge will definitely have to be the next Challenge Karin. I'm sure Kim won't mind that was her suggestion.

Everyday we are getting new Followers, I just can't believe how popular 'SIBOL' is be coming! So Welcome to everyone new. Please leave a comment and introduce yourself to us. We are all a friendly bunch.

Here's the Vintage picture again.

rose_blanket[1] This isn't me! Valerie very kindly sent me this Vintage picture over on email. It was from a really old Crocheting book. Isn't it just wonderful? It could be me though! www.sunshineinternationalblanketsoflove.blogspot.com Yesterdays post

OOh she does remind me of 'me'!

I often sit on the floor 'hooking!'.

Thank you Karin! Best of luck everyone! Enjoy your hooking!

Next challenge

Dear Sue!

You are doing wonderful work for the elderly. My compliments for this lovely initiative.

These virtual flowers are for you!

It's so much fun to participate in this project.
I'm surprised by the great amount of squares you receive, it must be overwhelming.
It's great to see how many squares you received with the Sunniest theme.
In the meantime I'm a bit confused about the next theme. I've seen lovely suggestions, but it's not clear which one it will be.....and I want  to know.....

Dear, dear Sue, it's up to you...... can you tell us....please....???

~X~ Karin

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Busy Wednesday thanks to my Friends!

Hi Everyone!

Well first of all I really want to thank everyone for the kind comments on  'The Citrus Blanket of Love'.  I'm glad you like it.  I just want to say I couldn't do these Blankets without the help of everyone.  I've been so overwhelmed at the amount of Squares I have received today, I just can't thank you enough. 

At 8.15am I went to the Front door to see my Daughter off to work and there on the carpet was a parcel, quite a big parcel at that. I first of all thought it was more 'cleaning liquid' from the Shopping Channel Mr. Twin seems to be forever buying! But no, it was from Linda in West Palm Beach, Florida.  She had sent me 44 Squares and it really took me by surprise! I was just so overjoyed and utterly amazed that Linda had taken the time and trouble to make me so many Squares! I would like to say 'Thank you once again Linda for the parcel!  :)   It was nice also to read about your dear 'Posy!'. 'Posy' will sit on Linda's lap while she is reading our blog and enjoy her 'puppy rubs!'. How Sweet!  Hello Posy! :)

I hope everyone enjoys looking at Linda's large amount of Squares, so unexpected, thank you. They actually took up all the space on my Sofa today.

Enough Squares from Linda to fill my sofa in the Conservatory.

Linda from Florida sent me 44 Squares! Aren't they fantastic! Beautiful colours! Thank you so much Linda!

So I was busy loading Lindas' photos on to Flickr then suddenly Lunchtime was here. A knock to the front door and it was the Lunchtime Postie. He needed a signature.  Two more packages one from Helen 'Lady Helsie' and the other from Marg ' Sunshine? Paradise?  Both of these Friends live in Australia. 

I have been quite worried about Helens' Squares they have seemed so late arriving. I actually thought they had got lost, but no they finally arrived safely today. 'Reflections of Flowers on a Lake ' Elizabeth Cat described Helens' Squares today! Such pretty colours. Not Crocheted this time, they were Knitted, but that doesn't matter at all. It will be a pleasure to put them into the Blankets.

Lady Helsie Your Squares have 'finally' arrived this morning! I have been so worried about them. They have taken forever! Coming all the way from Australia! I thought they had got lost! Pleased to say they have arrived safely! Thank you Helen!

Isn't this wool/yarn so pretty! Love the colours Helen has used. Thank you Helen!

Marg lives in Australia too, I just can't believe these Squares come from so far away! Brilliant.  I hope you will check out 'Sunshine? Paradise? Marg does some lovely Quilting over there and it has been lovely to have a look at her work.  From a photograph  she had put on her blog it looked as though she was having just a wee bit of trouble with her cat  who decided to walk all over the material on the floor! She sent me some lovely Blue and White Squares which will be fantastic for the blue and white challenge. Thank you Marg! Marg is on Flickr M@rg21 and the Squares were from '200 Crochet Blocks'. Thanks for letting us know.

Blue and White Squares arrive today from Marg in Australia. Thank you, so pretty!

4 Blue and White Squares for the 'SIBOL' project from Marg in Australia. Thank you!

So thank you to those three Friends today, you certainly made my day!
Thanks to everyone too who continues to read 'SIBOL' every day which is amazing. Quite a few Friends have told me they read us every day and I'm really pleased that you find it interesting enough.

If anyone thinks they have anything to offer on 'SIBOL' please email me. 'SIBOL' is 'team blogging' and if you would like to write a post you will be able to do this by invitation only. So please email me sueatpigsty@talktalk.net  and I will send an invitation out to you. My pleasure.

I'll leave you with the updated Slide Show.  I have to say I have had to do another one because I am terribly worried that the Slide Show is getting too full now with photos. So I've started another one. Please look at the earlier posts too.  The one yesterday was really interesting.  A vintage rose afghan which has inspired us to make Flower Squares for one of our next themes  if anyone is interested.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

It's not me!

Hi Everyone!

The Deadline for the 'sun' themed Blanket is 21st April. Remember we are making the 'Sunniest Sunshine Blanket ever!'.  Mind you I think 'The Citrus Blanket of Love' is quite sunny don't you! But I shall be making a brighter one than that so get your sunglasses out!

I just wanted to share this picture with you.  Valerie very kindly emailed me today.  She saw this picture in one of her Vintage Crocheting books.  The lady reminds me of 'me' sitting there with hook in hand crocheting away!  She's covered her Afghan in Roses!  Now Luna made a beautiful Flower Square the other day and we have been chatting about making a Flower Blanket.  What do you think Ladies? I'd be grateful of some comments!

Isn't this Blanket just so beautiful.  I bet we could make a really pretty one!

I'd be grateful of your comments, whether you think it's a good idea or not.

I'm really grateful to Valerie for showing me this, and I'm really happy to share it with you!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Monday and a new 'SIBOL'.

Hello Everyone!

I do hope your Easter break is enjoyable.  I would like to thank Luna for putting up the new Square today. She is always finding us something new to try.  I did try the Flower pattern the other day from the video she installed.  I have to try it with different yarn though as the yarn I tried it with was far too silky. So that's on my list for later on today.

Yesterday I managed to finish the 6th 'SIBOL'. Blanket. Thank you to everyone who contributed Squares for it.  I actually had a lot of these Squares quite early on in the project but as the Blankets are colour grouped I wasn't quite ready to start on it straight away, as I needed a few more Squares to match.  This Blanket brings to mind 'Oranges'.  I managed to finish it yesterday while Mr. Twin had gone off to his British Touring Cars event.

As you can see from the above photo, there isn't much room left on the Conservatory sofa now!

It all starts from somewhere!

ooh! Those early days of Planning!

Collecting the Squares together

They go well with my Carpet!

Crocheting the cream edging on to the Squares

Starting to take shape now!

I often use a Paint Colour Chart because I'm useless at colours!

I'm useless with colours, I used the Paint colour chart.

Friends join me in the Garden!

Do you want to join me Friends out in the Garden!

Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL'.  You are most welcome to leave a comment or if you would like an invitation to 'team blog' with us please email me sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

Have a good day!

~~~~ Sue ~~~