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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

How I heard about SIBOL...by The Girl

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked her cross stitch.

But she felt there was something missing in her life and when she saw some friends with a hook and yarn in hand, and she started trawling the blogosphere, she realised what that missing piece was.


And so she declared 2010 the Year of the Crochet. She would learn how to do it and would make wonderful creations and everyone would be amazed at her skill and talent.

Except no-one actually told her that crochet is a complete pain in the proverbial to learn how to do.

Especially when you’re a lefty and all the directions are given for you right handed folk and you have to struggle not only to comprehend what the devil the pattern is going on about, you also have to reverse any of the instructions so you don’t end up in a massive knot.

Fortunately she’s ridiculously stubborn (it’s the Aries in here) and she didn’t want to admit defeat and after many days of throwing the hook down in frustration and balls of yarn being thrown across the room it all clicked into place and she got it.

She could officially crochet.

(Well. She could crochet granny squares and nothing else but who cares?! Crocheting is crocheting.)

So she decided to make a blanket and after a fairly long and arduous process, including several minor meltdowns when she realised she had no idea how to join all the squares together, she had herself a lovely blanket which she felt very proud of.

But now the bug had bitten and she wanted to do more. But what? For who? There are only so many blankets you can have in your house, surely?

And it was at that moment that she heard about SIBOL from another blog she read.

It came at exactly the right moment for her, she was going through a painful breakup and having to move out of the beautiful flat she shared with her boyfriend into a tiny little room in someone else’s house. She needed something to take her mind off her own woes before she became subsumed by them.

And so she threw herself in to this project. She would do something for someone else and just stop feeling sorry for herself, thank you very much. She would do something constructive instead of moping about the place.

And most importantly she would find a use for all the spare yarn she had lying around from making the blanket.

Finally the squares were ready to be sent off. She was a little intimidated by the skill and flair of the other contributors, she was only a beginner in this crochet granny-squared land but Mrs Twins assured her that everything would be ok. And it was.

The girl didn’t know how to thank Mrs Twins and SIBOL for coming along at the right time, but she attempted to in this post

Mostly though she’s just excited to make more squares for future blankets...

Thank you Mrs Twins for inviting me to be a Team Blogger! Love The Girl


  1. Awww what a delightful story and lovely, lovely squares! I get into a tangle and i'm right handed so I can only imagine the task of attempting to learn it being left handed!

  2. what a touching read The Girl it is amazing what we throw ourselves into at the most extremeties of our lives i am getting over severe depression so i know where you are coming from (hugs) all the girls here are lovely and this project really does take away the stresses out of almost everything, i'm sure in time you'll be able to do the more adventurous things like me completely new to squares the sheer determination will get you through. p.s your squares are gorgeous xxxx

  3. Hey there Girl - keep crocheting....you are doing a very neat job of it and yes- you should be proud. Its always a wonderful thing to learn something new. Also, I believe you can always rely on Mrs. Twins and her innate ability to motivate people in so many wonderful ways....Thanks for posting today!

  4. Well done the squares are wonderful. Lovely colour mixes too

  5. I read your story with tears in my eyes.
    I send you a big hug.
    Your squares are fantastic! Well done!

    ~X~ Karin

  6. Wow! what a wonderful post 'The Girl'. You are most welcome to join our happy team. Thanks so much for sharing 'your story'. Everyone has a story and if anyone else would like to 'team blog' you are most welcome! Even if it's just to say how you 'found Crocheting!'. We'd all love to hear it.
    Your Squares are great, I love each one and most importantly I am so pleased it's helping you too as well as the Elderly.
    Look forward to your next post
    Hugs Suex