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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 19 - Flower Blanket No. 4.

Hi Everyone!

Well hasn't it all been happening these last few days on SIBOL?  I do hope you will click on 'older posts' and catch up with all the News! It is quite fast moving on here sometimes and I wouldn't want you to miss anything! I've been a bit quiet these last few days I have my Daughter at home 'Little Miss Twin 1' and Mr. Twins has been at home too. We went out for the day yesterday up to Sheffield Shopping Centre, Meadow hall. It was really nice and we enjoyed the day out together. Unfortuntaly, 'Little Miss Twin 2' was at work so she couldn't come which was a real shame.

Oh Joyce, thank you so.....much.  Today's post was soo....interesting! I am so pleased you found the time to 'team blog' with us, isn't it just so much fun!  I love having new Friends join us on here. You are right isn't it amazing what you can make with a few odd bits of yarn!  Some gorgeous Squares you have there and it will be so much fun to receive them for SIBOL! Thank you so much for the wonderful words.  I really enjoyed your post so much and I'm sure everyone else did too!

This actually brings me to an idea I had a few days ago.  I asked Posy Linda who often comments on SIBOL if she would like to write about how she learnt to Crochet.  Now Posy Linda hasn't got a blog 'as yet' so unfortunately she wouldn't be able to write a 'team blog post', but she has agreed to either email me her Story or write it in the comment box.  So I will really look forward to this. Would anyone else like to do the same? It's absolutely fine if you haven't sent Squares for SIBOL, this is open to anyone who is visiting SIBOL.  You may just be a 'Folllower', that's perfectly okay. Please join in the fun.

My email address is sueatpigsty@talktalk.net
You may not have a blog. Send it by email and I will type it up for you.

OR...... If you have a blog.   Email me and I will send you an invite out to 'team blog' with us.

Let's have some fun. I think it's always so interesting to read how others started Crocheting.  I actually learnt to Crochet with my best friend at school, I was around 14 or 15 years of age.  We had Cookery lessons and while waiting for our food to cook we would sit on high stools in the Cookery room with wool and hook in our hands. We were always making Blankets out of Granny Squares and cardigans. What fun we had. This is my Purple Granny Blanket I made it's still at my Mothers' house. I'm afraid it has a couple of holes in it now, but I treasure it.

My crocheted bed cover.

I'm so grateful to all the new Ladies who have posted on here, as I have said it's so interesting when we new people join us.

Anyway.........Let's get on to the Blankets...... I couldn't think earlier on over at Flickr how many Blankets I had Crocheted up. It's SIBOL No. 19. Can you believe that? Well anyway another one is finished.  Thank you so...much for the Flower Squares everyone!  Remember what I say.....If you don't see your Square please don't worry, you will do ....bear with me......I still have more to do.....

It's green again, I'm sorry about that, but I wanted to use it up and I actually like using the Green as an edging. It gives it more of a 'Garden feeling'. I hope you enjoy looking at the Slide Show and thanks again to everyone who has very kindly sent me Squares for the Flower Blankets in particular as this is what I am working on at the moment.

I've had a suggestion this evening from Wanda who very
kindly sent me some Squares.
She has suggested an Archive for Squares.
How many times does someone say......
'OOh, that's a nice Square could you share the pattern please?'

Let's help each other. I know we post informaton on here
and have nice chats about the Squares we have made,
but let's see if we can make a blog which is purely showing
Square information.

So you might show a Square you have made. But then underneath
write where you got the pattern from.
Just those two simple steps. A photo and details.
Let's keep it simple over there, rather like turning a page
in a Jan Eaton's book.
A photo and pattern details.

Shall we have a go? Please join us. If you are interested email me
sueatpigsty@talktalk.net for an invite.

If you don't have a blog, email me the picture of the Square and
the pattern details and I will post it for you.

Have a good evening everyone, and don't forget let's hear from you!


  1. Hi Sue,

    your post is so lovely, your words touch my heart and soul. Thanks. I send you hugs and many smiles.

    Have you seen the squares today at my blog? You can pick the picture and show it here for all the lovely peoples that crochet so many.

    I crochet since 1 year, so please don´t so critical with me. I know you all crochet better than me, but i really crochet from the heart. ;) I really would crochet many many squares for SIBOL. It would be a great honor if I should join the group.

    Lovely greets to all,

  2. Hi Sue: Sibol 19 is a knockout! The green edging does give it a garden of flowers feel. I'm so glad that you used your spare time in cookery class to learn crochet. Really you are like an alchemist putting these blankets together so beautifully. Its magical.

    When I was 10 my family lived on Okinawa. My Dad was stationed there and my Mom, litle sister and me got to join him. It was truly an adventure. The Okinawan people are very gentle, kind and generous.

    Whilst living at Naha Air Base my Mother made friends with some ladies from the Philippines and Guam. On one visit the ladies were chatting and giggling and doing something I had never seen before. Those ladies were crocheting.

    Admittedly I was always one of those nosey kids who sat and listened as the adults talked. One of those sweet ladies noticed my interest and showed me and Mom how to make a granny square. This same sweet lady even left balls of white and red size 10 thread and needle for me to use. Thinking back I remember waking during the night when the family was sleeping just so I could crochet.

    In no time a red and granny square tablecloth (quite like Sue's blanket shown in this post) was born. Well, I didn't have anymore thread and I wanted to crochet some more...so I pulled it apart and made it again and again.

    Unfortunately I don't recall the name of the generous lady who gave me this beautiful gift. So in honor of this very special lady... I thank Sue and all of you for each and every square you make for SIBOL.

  3. Hi Sue: I neglected something. Wanda's idea about the archive is wonderful.

  4. Hi Sue. Yet another gorgeous blanket - loving how these flower blankets are turning out!

    Great idea about the archive too - I'm stuck on the basic grannying and would love to do something a little bit more adventurous.

    Will work on a story about how I started crocheting and stick it on the blog for you at some point :)

  5. Thank you 'The Girl'.
    Linda what a great Story thanks so much. I really enjoyed reading it and I know others will too!
    Yes please pop over to the new blog. More work, but what fun!
    Thanks Everyone!

  6. Hi, a bit late maybe but I've only just found you....anyway, I think the green is a great choice, as you say, it is garden-like. Also, Green is a neutral colour, goes with everything - do you ever see clashing colours in nature? No, because green neutralises. You don't hear people saying 'I hate green' in the way that you hear that about other colours, because we are subliminally programmed to accept green, because it is all around us.